1. Dermot

    Code for marking formulae as a check they have been copied correctly

    This code will make a copy of the active sheet and then mark up the formulae, using shading to show which ones have been copied, and from where. It works from left to right, top to bottom. Solid colour = this cell has NOT been copied from left or above, ie it is new Horizontal hatch = this cell...
  2. R

    Variable Sheet reference without INDIRECT

    I have a sheet in a workbook that carries out multiple checks on each of the other sheets in the workbook, looking at the same cells on each. So far the developer has manually written each check, such as IF('Sheet1'!A1=TRUE,1,0). However, there are 100+ sheets with 5 checks for each. I have...
  3. M

    IF with 3 conditions

    Hi I'd like to write a formula that i) checks that J1 is not blank i) checks if the word "for" is NOT in a cell J1 ii) checks if cell K1 is equal to 0. I've tried this formula but it's not returning the result expected. =IF(AND(J1<>"",K1=0,COUNTIF(J1,"*for*")),"Code","Blank") Please...
  4. A

    SUMPRODUCT issue

    Hi Guys, Trying to figure this out with no luck. I am using the following formula to highlight date ranges that overlap using conditional formatting. =SUMPRODUCT(($D5<=$E$5:$E$101)*($E5>=$D$5:$D$101))>1 What I am trying to do is make it so it only checks and highlights the dates that occur...
  5. P

    Two Yes/No fields

    Hi! I am trying to figure out the best way to do this. I have two access queries. Person 1 and Person 2. There is a checkbox for Person 1 to send to Person 2. When Person 2 is done, they would select a checkbox showing complete and it would go back to person 1. I am unsure of how to get the...
  6. C

    Macro To Uncheck Checkboxes

    Is there a way to have a macro uncheck all checked checkboxes, except for some? <tbody> A B C 1 X X X 2 X 3 X X 4 </tbody> So if every X represents a checkbox, and most of them are checked, I want a macro that clears all the checks, except the checkboxes in row A...
  7. M

    Dealing with number ranges 11-16;21-26; 31-36

    I want to be able to adjust a range after I have a lookup that checks what the adjustment should be. Example: Lookup checks a rating that is -3 ( which is coming from another sheet. The range it now needs to adjust is 21-25. When a negative number, the beginning of the range needs to drop to...
  8. S

    How to store PUBLIC variable values for later use in different subroutines?

    According to J. Walkenbach: That's exactly what happens when I check the value of any public and static variables in the Watch window. Public slxRibbon As IRibbonUIPublic Declare Function InternetGetConnectedStateEx Lib "wininet.dll" (ByRef lpdwFlags As Long, ByVal lpszConnectionName As...
  9. S

    Botton that checks all boxes

    I have a form with about 10 check boxes on it that are ticked when answering the questions. I want a button that someone can press that checks all the boxes at once - i.e. a "yes to all" button. I also want one that clears them all as well. Can anyone suggest how to do this? Thanks :confused:
  10. gheyman

    VBA Check a tab name exsist before continueing with Code

    I need an If statement that checks to see if there is a tab named "WBS_Dictionary" If not end the code. Thanks!!!
  11. M

    If Date is last working day of the month

    I need help with a formula that checks if a date in the cell above is the last WORKING day of a month and ideally also checks against a list of public holidays I have. Saturdays are classed as working days. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. T

    Multiple arrays in INDEX/MATCH function

    Hi guys The problem which i am facing with the INDEX/MATCH function is that i want to check several columns at once for a certain value. The function in the example checks the H column for EMP_ID values. The column containing EMP_ID values however changes between G and H for different...
  13. T

    Conditional formatting using VLOOKUP

    Hi, I'm trying to set up conditional formatting where it's highlighted if someone has reached a certain number of checks in a column from another worksheet. I want it to check every row of column A and apply formatting if there has been more than 5 checks. Sheet1 Column A is the users ID Column...
  14. M

    permanently sheet track changes + monthly extract

    Greetings all :) hope you survived new year :P I have a 2 part question: Is there a way to permanently display track changes in a separate tab WITHOUT using VBA + is has the latest changes written My current formula present in cell B54 checks the name of the employee and the month and if...
  15. D

    vba code that checks one cell value against another.

    Hi, Please can someone help me? I would like a vba code that checks if the cell value in column 'I' is less than the value in column 'D'. If it is less then it carries on but if its more then I'd like a message box to say this cannot happen. Any help would be much appreciated. Kind Regards Dan
  16. O

    Help with lookups

    Hello, I'm trying to make a spreadsheet that checks age and sex and then use the appropriate score sheet depending on what the age and sex are. If you look on sheet 1 in the workbook in cell E3 or C3 you can see where I've started to next my if statements to do the checks. I was wondering if...
  17. D

    Modify existing VBA code to stop cells unlocking when a value has been entered.

    Hi, Please can someone help me? The following code is for a sheet I have that we do daily safety checks on. This code only allows the operator to enter their safety checks for their shift on that particular day/night. After the operator has entered all the checks and saved the file, if you...
  18. D

    LARGE with Criteria without using Array?

    Hi, I have a a column containing a list of scores (Column C) and another containing the list of checks completed (column B). I have a SMALL formula which ranks Column C from lowest to highest, but I am wanting to have a formula in Column B which lists the number of completed checks from...
  19. M

    Data Validation

    Hi I have a spreadsheet where I need Data validation to pop up a message when something is not right. C7 is "Actual" numbers C8 is "Planned" numbers I need Data Validation in C7 that; Checks that C8 is NOT blank AND Checks that the value in C7 is NOT greater than the value in C8 Any...
  20. B

    Multiple IF values for cell

    =IF(C9="Read Only","n/a",IF(C9="Quarter 4",SUM(D3,0))) C9 can be Read Only and Quarter 1-4, This checks for Read Only and Quarter 4, how do i get it to check for Quarter 3 2 and 1

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