1. E

    Conversion of ISBN13 to ISBN10

    Hi, I've seen this thread here but it looks like the link to a working formula doesn't work. Is anyone able to help? What I essentially need to do is the following: Is there a way to have this written in...
  2. J

    Referencing what cells add up to a value

    I was hoping to get some help on if there is a formula out there that has ability to help reconcile a specific value. I have a list of invoices and their respective dollar values. If a vendor lumps multiple invoices together into a check, is there a formula to help determine what invoices were...
  3. M

    CLABE Checksum. Determining position of values.

    Hi there guys, hope you can help me :). First of all, the CLABE number is just a banking standard like IBAN or Routing numbers. I've been trying to write a code which could lead to retrieving the whole Mexican CLABE number + control digit from just the first 17 digits. This is how the checksum...
  4. S

    Hexadecimal Checksum

    I have 5 cells with a Hexadecimal in it, on the 6th cell, I would like to have a Hexadecimal checksum. I have tried this: =dec2hex(hex2dec(H8))+(hex2dec(I8))+(hex2dec(J8))+(hex2dec(K8))+(hex2dec(L8)) but it doesn't work, any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks!!! Scott

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