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    Create a rank based on three fields in Excel

    <tbody> YEAR CLIENT STATION STATIONCNT STATIONCNT RANK 2019 A CHI 8 1 2019 A LAX 2 2 2018 A DAL 7 3 2018 A SFA 25 1 2018 A NYO 8 2 2018 B SFA 1 4 2018 B CHO 10 1 2018 B CHI 4 2 2019 B LAO 2 3 2019 B LAX 23 1...
  2. C

    Search From List - Macro

    Hi, I know how to search the contents of a cell that contains a specific string and replace it. However, I do not know how to do this using a macro with a list for multiple searches. However, I would like the same thing done, but from a list. Example - worksheet1 A...
  3. L

    Reverse Poisson?

    Not sure if anyone can help with this. Basically I'm trying to find out how to apply the reverse of the Poisson function in excel. So as of now I have poisson(x value, mean, true-cumulative) and that lets me get the probability for that occurence. Basically I want to know how I can get the...

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