1. O

    Excel formula is turning into a link when saved in some computers

    Hello all, I need help with this problem. Spreadsheet works fine in my computer and another colleague's computer. Our computers are not networked in any way. However, it is also opened in a computer using Chinese regional setting and language is when the formula became broken. For example...
  2. J

    Microsoft excel cannot access file via http

    I open an excel workbook and receives the following error: Sorry we couldn't open: "and a few Chinese letters".xls I press okay Then another message appear: Microsoft excel cannot access the file and a few Chinese letter.xls I have no...
  3. V

    Replace text string based on a table

    Hi all, I have a paragraph of Chinese characters in cell A1 of sheet2 that need to be replaced with English words. In sheet 1, column A contains Chinese words with thier corresponding English word in column B. As this is a long table, and new words may be included frequently, nesting...
  4. J

    VBA Workbook and worksheet with chinese naming

    Hello, I would like to ask if there is a way to set and call a Chinese workbook and worksheet? Thanks.
  5. U

    How do I convert foreign dates?

    Every now and then I get what I believe to be a Chinese date. Any suggestions on how to convert this? 2017年11月22日 10:37 I need to keep the time.
  6. S

    Separating Chinese and English Description into 2 cells

    Hello, I have an inventory list of items, that combines both chinese and english descriptions into it. Is there anyway I can separate them using formulas? The ??? are the chinese characters which may appear before or after then english description. Thank you Sheet1 <colgroup><col...
  7. L

    How to avoid warning message when hyperlink to email file?

    <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> If click on the cell below =HYPERLINK("C:\/File%1.msg","File 1") there is warning message (there may have virus in file, as translated from Chinese Excel) How to set so that this warning message will not prompt? </tbody>
  8. J

    how to view chinese/japanese characters in excel?

    I am using excel for mac 2011 and have already changed the settings in the mac excel 2011 language register settings to allow Chinese Simplified and Japanese languages but when i open an excel/csv file with chinese/Japanese characters it shows weird characters. It looks like this...
  9. T

    How to use VLOOKUP to look for Chinese characters?

    Hello everyone, I have tried to use VLOOKUP to search for a set of 1 or more than 1 Chinese characters (ex: 我们) in another table (Sheet1). My formula: =VLOOKUP($A10,Sheet1!$B$1:$AA$109056,2,FALSE) I have very inconsistent results. For some words I definitely know there is a match, I still...
  10. T

    Formula to remove letter and leave numbers and chinese characters

    Good day, I hope someone can help me. I need a formula to use on MS Excel 2007 to remove the English letters from a cell A1 and return only the numbers(if any) & Chinese characters to B1. Please refer to the able below. I would appreciate an immediate response and would be grateful fr any...
  11. D

    Excel Solver in Chinese only - Need English

    I just got a new laptop at work and the Solver Add-In is only in Chinese. I work in N. America and my old laptop had Solver in English. Both laptops are Lenovo's and configured to N. America, can't see why this would be different. Anyone know how to get the English version of Solver? Or...
  12. S

    VBA read Chinese filename as ???

    Hi everyone, I use my Excel vba script to move files from one directory to other. When it comes across with filename that contains Chinese characters. A Run-time error 52: Bad file name or number will occur. I go to debug and found that the Chinese characters are read as ??? so it cannot...
  13. O

    Entering unicode 'accents' via sendkeys

    I'm trying to use Excel for a Chinese vocabulary list. The Chinese characters aren't the problem at the moment: what I'm trying to solve is the pinyin, i.e. the pronunciation shown in Western alphabetic letters, with accents (diacritics) to show the four tones. For example, the word for...
  14. S

    Chinese Characters on VBA Insert to SQL Server

    I created an Excel file for mapping columns from other Excel files to a SQL Server table. It works great except for the Chinese files. I set the columns in SQL Server to nvarchar datatype and the Insert text looks great, but when executing, the chinese chars turn into "????" Any suggestions?
  15. Greg Truby

    Is your Ctrl+Space keystroke is gettin' jacked to Chinese?

    "Huh?! Chinese?! I don't even speak Chinese!!! Well, we'll just pop into the old regional settings and get this taken care of!" And thus began a rather frustrating quick and dirty scouring of the internet. I had just bought a new notebook and was running Vista. I'd hopped into Excel for the...

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