1. jim may

    On Sheet Activate code

    I have defined a sheet with a Scroll Area = "A1:K27" setting it thusly in the Sheet_Activate Event. At present it opens way off to the left hand side of the window. I'm interested in CENTERING - IT, but can't seem to get the code I need. I tried Chip Pearson's "Center on Cell" macro but it...
  2. Joe4

    Chip Pearson's Numerous Contributions to Excel

    In Memoriam of Chip Pearson, and all the wonderful contributions he has made to the Excel Community, we are posting a link to his web site, that has too numerous excellent Excel solutions to identify individually. Here is a link to the Index on his site, where one can easily search the hundreds...
  3. MARK858

    Chip Pearson - RIP

    I was sad to see on another forum the reports of the death of Chip Pearson. Although I never had any personal dealings with Chip, I (as I would expect many others) used his site for many years for reference and learning. Just wish to post my condolences to his family and friends and although a...

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