circular reference

  1. A

    Budget Tracker Issues

    Hi all, I am currently doing an overhaul to my Budget/Bills Tracker. I have created a table that reads transactions and gives every transaction a category to be later totaled based on those categories. It used to work because the "table" of categories was not an actual table but was just listed...
  2. N

    Circular reference from a IF,Match formula

    Hi guys Trying to get a formula to work, and failing....again! So I've got this far and can't understand why its not working, did tests as I went along, but now it's coming up with a result of '0' Dunno why? The Formula is as follows Excel Formula...
  3. M

    Record Macro to Copy & Paste as Values - paste into cells that might move up/down as rows above are added/deleted

    Hello! Can you help? This should be simple, right? I have two cells (eg. AC58 & AC59) with a % number in each. I need to copy & paste these numbers into the cells next to them (AD58 & AD59) - this is so I can re-use these numbers without creating a circular reference. When I do a simple...
  4. A

    Circular reference using SUM

    Hi, Apologies in advance if there is an answer to this somewhere, I have spent hours searching google and can't find anything that solves my issue! I have a VBA (below) which I run as an add-on when excel opens. Every time Excel opens it tells me there is a circular reference related to the...
  5. O

    Cant update date of 1/0/1900

    New To Mr Excel. I need to add a formula that will auto enter the date and time any entry is made in the adjacent cell and keep it there regardless of how many times that sheet is accessed. I need it to capture the date and time of the entry and not change. When I use a formula like this...
  6. J

    Getting around a necessary circular reference

    I attempting to use PowerPivot to calculate our group standard cost across a number of plants globally. The trick is that often we have intercompany (inter-plant) materials whose standard cost is that of the selling plant's. The calculation of this is causing some circular references, despite me...
  7. N

    Locate circular reference - cell cannot be listed

    I have a worksheet that inform me that it has circular references, and excel cannot locate it for me. I could not find the wrong value. This worksheet is complex, and more importantly, too important to have errors in it. Is there a way (VBA or not) for me to locate this circular cell...
  8. R

    Avoiding circular reference for carry / performance fee computation

    Dear all, I am trying to compute carry or performance fee for a hypothetical fund. The performance fee or carry is 20% of total profit, provided 1) Hurdle rate or threshold is met 2) High water mark (HWM) clause, i.e. no performance fee is paid unless the net asset value (NAV) for this...
  9. A

    Dynamic Calculation Ordering - Avoid Circular Reference

    I am looking for a solution to dynamically sort using a "XXX: T_Order" field in a series of date groups in order to calculate dates based on the order in which each activity will take place and the duration of each. My current solution is to search across the current row using the following...
  10. B

    Using Circular Reference to Schedule in Excel

    I am trying to solve a scheduling problem in excel. What I have are dozens of Tasks similar to this output. <tbody> Saturday 3-10-18 6:00 AM Sunday 3-11-18 12:12 AM Length of task 18.3hours Saturday 3-10-18 6:00 AM Sunday 3-11-18 12:12 AM Saturday 3-10-18 6:00 AM Sunday 3-11-18...
  11. DDRA Steampunk

    Custom Function Causes Excel to + 1 every time it saves and won't auto calculate anymore

    What am I doing wrong? I'm using a custom function Function NxtShtNm() As String Application.Volatile NxtShtNm = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(ActiveSheet.Index + 1).Name End Function That makes it so I can create the formula in Cell P1 to return the name of the event on the next page...
  12. H

    Circular Reference

    Hey guys, I know this is a long shot, but anyone got an idea why the below results in circular reference. The results are correct but I would just like to get ride of the error :confused...
  13. J

    Keep Getting Circular Reference

    Hi there, My excel file keeps giving me circular reference status no matter how I changed my formula. Even if I randomly typed =IF(OFFSET(G64,0,2)<>0,0,1) in the formula bar, where G64 is simply a blank cell, it keeps saying this is circular reference. How can I solve this? Thanks!
  14. S


    Please help me sort out this problem as I need to use it everyday and it is really a headache if it goes wrong, I have a target to sell 1500 units (A1) which is calculated on a daily achievement, suppose I achieved 50 units (A4) today and my till date achievement is 500 units (A2), the...
  15. R

    Formual Assistance (Circular Ref)

    I need a formula in B7 to pick the lesser of B5 and B6. I keep getting a circular reference. Please assist if you can. Thank you. <tbody> A B C 1 Rate 1 0.57 2 Rate 2 0.75 3 Rate 3 200 4 Rate 4 0.001 5 Cap =ROUND(IF(ROUND(B3*B4,6)>B8*30%,B8*30%,ROUND(B3*B4,6)),6) <tbody> B3 x...
  16. L

    Circular Reference Calculation Error/Problems - Iterative Calculations Enabled

    I am having a problem with a real estate development spreadsheet in which I suspect circular reference to be the issue. The circular references exists because the monthly loan interest is calculated into the total cost of the development. Also, there are line item fees that are based on the...
  17. D

    Multiple locations of an input cell

    Is there a way to establish a "party line" of cells, all connected with formulae that cannot be over-written? In other words, is there a way to establish a circular reference of formulae that cannot be broken by changing one of the cells in the circular reference from a formula to a value? In...
  18. K

    Circular reference workaround needed

    Looking for a way to have two cells that can either be populated from a simple formula, or based on a user-entered value. This is for a mortgage-loan related application. Example: In cell A2 is the purchase price value. Cell B2 is the loan amount. Cell C2 is the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio...
  19. G

    Circular Reference - or is it?

    Good day, I don't know how much more I can take - I have been testing this for some time and cannot get past the circular reference that I cannot find. There are 2 sheets 15 and 16; 15 works fine, 16 is slightly different and gives a circular reference in P35. (These sheets are my attempt at a...
  20. A

    Problem with iterative formula - circular reference warning

    <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> I need help on this problem which (unintentionally) involves a circular reference. Major issues: "DIV/0" and "#N/A" (of course due to the circular). I'll prefer to eliminate the circular ref. but at the same time would prefer it to be solved by iterative...

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