circular referencing

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    Determining Purchase Price on Real Estate Transaction using Goal Seek, NPV, and IRR

    I work in commercial real estate and we are trying to back into a purchase price by determining what initial outlay gets our NPV to 0 and IRR to 30%. Essentially, what acquisition price gets us to a 30% IRR. We're looking at this over a three year period. For purposes of simplicity, say I can...
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    Why does my excel crash due to circular reference warning?

    Hi Mr Excel, I have created a model and there is a row that is impossible to delete. When I try to delete it, the following error message comes up and I have to re-start Excel. 'Circular reference warning One or more formulas contain a circular reference & may not calculate correctly...
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    Find percentage and change it

    I have several customers. Everyone has her own discount %. When I write a name, I want to find their discount %,calculate the price, round the price up, then to change the discount number. For example if Jane has 10%, the price is 960,after discount it will be 864, but as i will take only with...

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