class modules

  1. ClimoC

    Single Class and EventHandler for multiple Control types in Userform?

    Howdy gang Trying to do a shortcut - Userform is having dynamic number of items created at runtime for the user to interact with. I've done this successfully with Checkboxes, and that's all fine - but I was as I'm adding a lot of textboxes and comboboxes, and they all need an event fired on...
  2. S

    VBA and Userform with button to add additional fields

    To provide me with a way to learn VBA I am creating an exercise workbook. I have a form setup with three initial fields, a textbox that tracks an action ID, dropdown with pre-defined list for action type and finally, action duration. The idea is I would enter an exercise, such as "Run for 2...
  3. S

    Class Module Has A Relationship

    Can I have class modules that contain other class modules as members of that class, like other OOP languages? If so how and when would the other class member be instantiated? Or would I have to Set it after creating and setting the object that contains it? Does that make sense?
  4. 6

    Exit event for textbox inside class module

    In my macro, I am creating textboxes and spinbuttons in the code, and have created a class to allow me to deal with events. I have the following declarations inside my class: Public WithEvents SpinButton1 As MSForms.SpinButton Public WithEvents IntegerTextBox As MSForms.TextBox For some...
  5. pedie

    Class Modules & Modules

    Hi, What is the difference between Class Modules & Modules? I use standard Modules and just curious what does Class Modules do or is for? Ped!;)

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