1. D

    Right Click a Cell

    Hi, When I right click on a cell I get a drop down menu and a box containing tools above or blow it, I would like to customize this box of tools and the drop down menu also, is this possible. Thanking you in advance. Regards, Duncan.
  2. H

    .CSV Email issue

    Morning all, I have a .CSV with contact information and in column E is the email address. The source of the emails (another Workbook) shows them as a none active link - i.e. if you click the email, or hold Alt and click nothing happens. So when these are copied over they are still a none active...
  3. J

    macro to Insert one named range at numerous changing rows containing the macro button inserting relative to the position of macro button used

    The copy and insert on macro “InsertAtLevel1” functions to copy the named range “l1insert” and paste at a row named range “insertPointL1” At the moment there are two reports site ABC and site DEF. But user my create further reports from the “l1insert” template The level 1 insert is working ok...
  4. M

    VBA Code for If Else?

    I have the following code, in my worksheet known as “Out”, and what this code does is ever time I double click on a cell under column AB it Clears the Contents from that row, 25 cells to the left of column AB and the first 3 cells to the right of column AO on the same row. plus it paste the 1st...
  5. C

    Spinning Button carry over to a new row

    Hey all. Need help on my project. So, I have 2 sheets. Sheet 1 is where the 2 Spin Button and a Command Button is located. Sheet 2 is where the data get recorded. Basically, what the Spin button does is to count each click. I already have the code for this. The Command button will add a new...
  6. R

    How can I post attachments here?

    Hi, It seems like theres no button where I can click on to attach a file. Can anyone tell me how can I do that?
  7. E

    HELP !!VBA to Collapse and Expand Rows Based on cell value

    Calling all excel wizards- I am new to macros but I need to get this right for a project at work.! I am trying to create a macro that expands and collapsesrows based on a cell value. The macrothat I wrote below works like a charm EXCEPT I have to click out of the targetcell and click it again...
  8. H

    MsgBox vbYesNo

    Hi, I am trying to write some vba code which will allow me to look to see the value of a cell, if that cell = X then display a msgbox "cell = X, are you Sure?" with options yes or no. If they click no then it exits the sub routine. If they click yes then the code continues onto the next line...
  9. VBE313

    Cant Click or Change Value SeleniumBaisc VBA

    <inputname="ri_tl_entry_web_ri_date_worked$0" tabindex="49" class="PSEDITBOX" id="RI_TL_ENTRY_WEB_RI_DATE_WORKED$0" aria-required="true" style="width:71px; "...
  10. S

    Option Button connecting with Cell

    Whnever I insert new rows, my option button (Active X Control) is not steady, it goes down with the row, and I have added VBA code to that if you click yes, 5 rows will be unhidden and if you click No, then 5 rows will be hidden, but after inserting new rows, that code doesn't work, so can...
  11. B

    doble click to modify selected record in listbox and right click to delete

    hello i like to have help with vba codes : i have a listbox in userform4 i like to add a code to use right click to modify record using userform1 (userfrom1 is used to add new data to list) and to do right click on mouse to delete selected record from list please see file and original post...
  12. S

    VBA - Identifying Image Selected

    I'll use a macro to display several images in a worksheet. Then I'll enter some data in worksheet cells. After that I'll trigger another macro to delete the current images and then trigger the first macro to display a new set of images. All of this works fine. What I'd like to do now is...
  13. J

    Excel drop down

    How can I set a drop down list to a blank cell, but not to see the little arrow of the list? I mean, when you want to write in the cell, when you click in the blank area, the list will drop. Thanks.
  14. D

    Pivot tables Issues

    Evening Ppl, I have some issue with Pivot Tables. Dont mind bear with me & advise some solutions if possible.Greatly appreciated. I have attached a workbook - Demo Ques. Basically I am facing some issue when i click on the...
  15. M

    Button show hide on load of excel

    Hi, I have an excel file with 5 buttons and each of them has a separate vba module but I want to display only one button on load of an excel. Other 4 buttons should load on click of the fifth button which was visible. Can anybody please guide me how to get this thing done? Thank you
  16. R

    Formatting Numbers as Text

    I'm going batty here. I have a large set of records where I have a 14 digit number, that comes over as scientific. I need to have it display the entire number, but it has to be formatted as text. If I double click in the cell (activate it), I get what I need. I can't do that with the size of...
  17. D

    Delete text from text box

    I have a text box on my spreadsheet with some text in it, "Please type notes here", and when I click in it, I want the text to disappear. Is there a way to do this?
  18. J

    Remove conditions

    Okay, I am having a total brain fart and should be able to figure this out.. This is part of the code for one function in my massive dBase. As you see it's a Yes, No, Cancel call. I want it to default to NO all the time and go right to the IF statement, without it popping up the Yes, No...
  19. Y

    Using Right Click To Select A Listbox Value

    how can i use the right click button to select a value in a listbox?
  20. M

    Show partial text + expand it on click

    Hi, I have like 3-4 paragraphs of text in each cell, I would like to display only the first line (keep 12.75 row height) and if i click on the cell, to expand to show the full text. Like a "read more" on the cell itself Thank you very much.

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