1. M

    VBA Code to refresh data no longer works

    Ok ... for some time I have had a puzzling issue with an Excel macro enabled workbook that contains a single SQL query to another database. I cannot stress more that for YEARS it worked with no problems at all. Then one day it just does not work anymore .... the code runs but it does not...
  2. P

    Is it possible? (click and directly jump to another sheet's cell)

    Hi everyone! I have 2 sheets (see below). If I click on any number in my sheet1 first column, I'd like to be able to directly jump/go to the corresponding same number in my sheet2 (and vice-versa - toggle). Example: If I click on #3 in sheet1 (row4), then Excel directly goes to/position...
  3. K

    Creating a functional button for VBA

    This question might be really basic, and I tried googling it but I can not find anything. How do I create a button to run my code? I start with creating an ActiveX button then put in the code, and saved it as a macro enabled workbook, and when I click the button nothing happens.
  4. J

    Macro to copy cell format

    Hi, I'll explain the purpose of my spreadsheet before I say what I'm trying to achieve as it might make more sense that way. I've been asked to create a spreadsheet to log when we have cancelled a sales order and why, but in such a way that it will be a visual checklist. I know that there's a...
  5. R

    VBA hyperlink

    Hi All! I would like to click on a cell in one sheet and hyperlink to a cell in another sheet based on the cell value. Example: Sheet 1 column A, is a range of dates. Sheet 2 column A, is also a range of unique dates in chronological order. I would like to click on a date in Sheet 1 column A...
  6. S

    Data Validation Combo Box list selection

    I am experimenting with the combo list boxes in order to have more control and options over regular lists. After I select an item from the combo list I have to click on another cell for it take affect, for lack of a better term. I would like it to work like a standard data validation list box...
  7. C

    Fill a cell with a number I click on in another cell

    I know there's a way to do it but I'm clueless. I have a good bit of experience with Excel but one thing troubles me. How do I fill a cell with a number I click on in another cell? Example: I click on let's say cell C3. I want it to be filled with the number that's in cell H6. How do I do that?
  8. A

    VB Code to hide and unhide rows

    Dear Sir Using following code; Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' ' Range("A7:A8").Select Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = False End Sub It is linked with button, when I click it, its Unhide the rows A7:A8 I need to write the code then when we click again, it should hide A10:A11 then when...
  9. C

    Need help with VBA code? Hey guys, I downloaded an excel sheet online and try to modify it but I am having trouble with it. I added column now the No. of days is now started in day 3 instead of 1 and also when I click on another month I want the previous...
  10. C

    Double click macro, copy contents from one cell to another (different rows)

    Hey all, I needsome help and not sure where else to turn. Tried searching for an answer to my problembut couldn't find anything. So whatI'm trying to do is, in a single spreadsheet, when I double click a specificcell in column J it will copy the content into a cell in column A. What I...
  11. S

    Copy paste with clicking

    Hello, searched around this forum couldn't come up with anything... I'm trying to set up a macro so that I can click any value in a list, copy the value, and click again in any cell to paste special value the entry... in the same worksheet. any ideas please? thanks!
  12. G

    Get value of a column in same row when double click

    I am trying to get the value of a column frm the same row as I double click to be placed in the cell I am clicking. Have managed to produce an offset value but how can I make it choose a value from the column? Thanks in advance
  13. S

    Need help on button

    Hi guys, need some help here. I will like to click on a button that seems to appear on the top frame and once click it will appear on the main frame. So how should I go abt writing it. span class=“btn float_left ” em class=“btnleft” o n c lick=“tocustomerview()" I will click on the button...
  14. K

    Macro translation help

    =sum(countifs('filtered'!$B:$B,$D$2,'filtered'!$S:$S,A3),Countifs('filtered'!$T:$T,A3,'filtered'!$AC:$AC,$D$2)) I would like to write a macro that will run this function in the background (so I only see the result when I click in the cells) and in the function where it says "A3" I would like it...
  15. S

    [VBA] Middle Mouse Click on a Userform

    I want to trigger some codes via middle clicking the mouse button. However, the options for that button seem missing in Excel VBA? Private Sub UserForm_MouseDown(ByVal Button As Integer, ByVal Shift As Integer, ByVal X As Single, ByVal Y As Single) If (Button = xlPrimaryButton) Then...
  16. 4

    VBA: Select value from html dropdown

    Hi, I come across a very challenging task that I can't find a way to accomplish. The goal is to to fill/ choose value from a drop down list which I suspect has a Java script applied on it which not allowing me to easy choose value by id. I manage to type in the value in the search bar, mimc...
  17. D

    Show/Hide Sheets

    Hi All, This forum has been so helpful as I am trying to learn about VBA and macros. I do have a question. I have a workbook with a ton of worksheets. The main sheet is "2019". Then each month has 3 different sheets: "January Late Cancel", "January No Show", "January Early Departures"...
  18. S

    Easier way to create multiple macros

    I am creating an inventory/stock control sheet for a client. They have 100-130 items they want to run a stick control on. Then once they have the starting numbers they want two buttons on each row, one to increase the Qty and the other to decrease the Qty by 1. So far I have created the first...
  19. R

    Macro to copy cells with borders and text from one sheet to another

    I am working on a workbook that will contain a form for me to fill out regarding customers. I have completed a blank form and I have used a second worsheet to have a blank copy of the form and on worksheet1 is where the worksheet will go where I will fill out. I have worked on a macro where when...
  20. S

    obtain data and download from website

    Hello, Hoping someone may be able to assist me with my project please.I would like to learn how to go to a website which is logon and password protected and then click on a link and have the items downloaded into my excel sheet daily at a certain time. I normally do this manually.I enter my log...

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