1. T

    How to Convert an Exponential Trendline Equation to a Formula

    My data is in 2 columns. Column A is my Y axis, Column B is my X axis. I have maybe 30 rows of data, and I created a line with markers graph using that data. Then I right clicked on the data line to have Excel create a Trendline using Exponential. I then clicked the option to show the...
  2. F

    VBA input box help

    On: Sheets("Players") I have a command button, when clicked this runs: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim Player1 As Variant Player1 = InputBox("Enter Player 1") ActiveSheet.OLEObjects(1).Object.Caption = Player1 ActiveSheet.OLEObjects(1).Object.BackColor = 49152 End Sub On...
  3. J

    Objects not visible in multipage userform while in edit mode

    Excel VBA beginner I've prepared a userform with a two tab multipage area. I added several labels, textboxes and combo boxes within the first page but had not yet started any code work. I clicked outside the multipage form to edit some other objects and now I am unable to see the multipage tabs...
  4. G

    To capture current Date when a particular cell is copied or clicked

    Hi, Please help me with VBA code to capture the current date when a particular cell in excel is clicked or copied. like doubleclick or rightclick event. <tbody> Order# Status Comments Last access date AD1212462 Completed Login success </tbody>
  5. G

    How to detect Userform 'X' or Cancel click from sub that loaded it

    I have a Sub that loads a userform I created. In the sub, I change a label caption in the form and reuse it using a loop to capture the user's option selection for each new context (but with the same options presented). Load frmExample With ActiveSheet For x = 1 To UBound(vValue)...
  6. D

    Trying to test HTML Maker

    I am trying to use the Mr. Excel HTML Maker and either I am doing something wrong or I don't understand what I'm supposed to do. I downloaded the file, unblocked it, selected the Add In, went to my workbook tab and selected the cells I want a screenshot of, then clicked the User Defined...
  7. S

    Insert text into textarea at cursor position (Excel-VBA)

    Hi Friends, I have one button and a textbox. When i press the button the value assigned to the button will come in the textbox. It will always come to the last of textbox. I want this value to appear where the mouse is clicked (Last by default). Private Sub Button_Click() If TextBox2.Text =...
  8. gheyman

    Buttons that are changing sizes - on their own

    I have buttons on my worksheet that changes size when they are clicked. What's happing? I do not have any code directing them to. The columns/rows that they are in do not change size so that's not it either. they get smaller when clicked (each time they are clicked) Thank you for your help
  9. M

    Initiate command when userform's combo box is clicked

    Is there a way to initiate commands when a combobox is activated? In other words, if the cursor does not appear in a combobox, but then the combobox is clicked and the cursor populates the combobox, can I have commands run? I am not looking for ComboBox_Change, I am more looking for something...
  10. C

    button to hide worksheet

    If i create a button, how can I make it hide a particular worksheet when clicked? and vice verse, a button that will unhide it
  11. H

    Importing workbooks from a folder

    I have tried to import a file from a folder, but get data format error I selected Data > New Query > From File > from Folder. I then browsed to the folder and clicked Ok I then clicked on the Binary expansion button and get a data format error Attached please find sample files...
  12. H

    fill a cell with color when sheet protected or unprotected

    I created a button that when clicked opens up a text box. I can then input the unprotect pword into this text box and it will unlock the sheet. Then I have another button set up so that when clicked it automatically protects the sheet. I'm looking for a code that when the unprotect pword is put...
  13. S

    Protect Workbook Worksheets, Few Worksheets to be moved/copied, editable but NOT to be renamed,

    Hello I would like to have the following options 1. Few worksheets to be copied manually ie by Right clicking/Selecting on Sheet Tab and Moving/copying without renaming the worksheet 2. Not able to change the name of worksheets when Right Clicked/ Selected on Sheet Tab (All worksheets) 3...
  14. D

    Macro to filter one row at a time consecutively

    I want to create a macro where each time I click the macro button I place in row 1 it filters to only display one row at a time under row 1. So for example when clicked the first time only rows 1 and 2 would be visible, when clicked again only rows 1 and 3 would be visible, etc. How would I...
  15. K

    Trigger VBA on double click

    Couple of questions. I want to apply an advanced filter based on the cell that is double clicked. This works Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) Global_Filter End Sub I have a few questions 1. The Sheets "Data" is deleted and recreated as...
  16. F

    ActiveX command button

    I know how to add a picture to the button (manually). Is it possible to create a code that when the button is clicked it changes to a different picture then when clicked again it changes back?
  17. J

    How to detect if user clicked the close button on a form...

    New to Access programming and I'm trying to find an equivalent Query_Close event to detect if the user hit the x in the upper right corner of a form. Found out how to disable it but not how to detect if it has been clicked. I'm sure it's pretty simple but I'm just not finding it out there.
  18. A

    Excel will not close

    I've truck an oddball problem. My workbook opens ok, and to test I load my Form from the immediate window and close it If I then attempt close Excel. I get the wait cursor forever and need to Contrl-Alt-Del End task. Could someone in the know take a look at it please ? I have proved the issue...
  19. S

    Time Stamp with Screen Updating

    Hi there, I'm wondering if there is someone nice to type up a macro for me. So, generally I need a macro that once a button is clicked, it will create a Time Stamp in the 'U26' cell automatically. Once a button is clicked again, it will then place a Time Stamp in 'U27' and so on... Any ideas...
  20. W

    Userfoom_Scroll even doesn't apply on listbox

    hey guys, I have a scrollable UserForm with Frames and Listboxes. Everyime I clicked either of them the scrollbar jumped to the top of the clicked / focused control. I managed to solve this with a small piece of code in UserForm_Scroll sub but it only works for Frames and not Listboxes, they...

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