1. L

    VBA code already there in brand new file

    Hi I closed all excel files. I opened a new one by clicking on excel icon. I go to VBA editor and I see some codes there? Why and from where they came? Thank you very much.
  2. P

    VBA IE Automation | clicking button inside table

    Hello all lovely people out there, can you please help me clicking buton inside table?" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"/>"]http://[/URL]
  3. J

    microsoft excel has stopped working.

    It always happen when I closed the excel and open it again by clicking the assigned macro
  4. M

    Listbox click event

    Hi, hope someone can help with this. I have listbox1 that has multiple items. I would like to select an item by double clicking the selected item and open a file. I have the path of where the file is so just need the code when double clicking the selection. thanks
  5. G

    Assigning a formula to a button

    Hi, I have a working formula in Excel that allows me tohyperlink to other cells within my worksheet by clicking a specific cell. Iwould like to assign that formula to a button because frankly, using a buttonlooks much more professional than clicking a cell. This is the formula that Iwant to...
  6. H

    Count no of Message boxes displayed.

    How can I count the number of msgbox appeared between two events. The events probably are: 1. Opening userform 2. Clicking the submit button
  7. W

    Cannot run macro from add-in.

    First post to this forum. Familiar enough with computer stuff, but first time user of Excel. I'm doing this to help a friend. Excel 2010 on Windows 7 (Ultimate) running in a VirtualBox VM on Debian Linux Stretch My friend downloaded a free Excel add-in (in an 'xlam' file) which is to file...
  8. N

    Combobox list not displaying correctly when clicked on the Arrow

    Hello my combobox has 2 column counts and its items are added When i am clicking on the same it shows the values of 1st item. i dont understand why ? and not changing the value of idx as shown below infact clicking on each item should display in combobox text Private Sub ComboBox1_Click()...
  9. I

    Userform question

    I’m thinking of making a userform for my grass cutting business. I’m not entirely sure how to approach it yet but something like select a customers name & the relevant info fields are then shown. One thing I’m stuck with is some customers have repeat visits so maybe by clicking on a fields...
  10. D

    Lock a sheet without locking the labels

    Good day all! I have trouble protecting my sheet's data. I would like to lock my sheet but keep the label alterable/unlock. I know how to do it for cells, but for the labels I can not do it.:mad: While clicking on the protect sheet, there is no case for the labels to tick. Thank you in...
  11. Y


    Hello, in sheet 2 cells A3:A302 I have numbers ( 60001 to 60300) , which should remain untouched. when I click on A3 sheet 2 it should direct me to sheet 3 . and when clicking on Sheet 2 A4 it would take to sheet 4 and so on. clicking on Sheet 2 A5 takes me to sheet 5 clicking on Sheet 2 A6...
  12. M

    Altered column highlight on double click

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> Highlights different column on double clicking. </SPAN></SPAN> For example double clicking (highlight multicolumn) on cell N12-highlihght 2 columns C12:D42, on cell O12-highlihght 4 columns C12:F42, on cell P12-highlihght 6 columns C12:H42 </SPAN></SPAN> For example...
  13. sparky2205

    vba to get worksheet name by clicking on the tab name

    Hi folks, I'm trying to allow the users select a worksheet name by using the mouse to click on the worksheet tab. If I use... Dim sName as String sName = Application.InputBox("Enter the Sheet Name", Type:=2) ...I get "Excel found a problem with one or more formula references in this...
  14. P

    I want to have an annoucement on each of many sheets in my spreadsheet.

    Allow me to explain. I am a doctoral candidate and my all my raw data will be in the "left most" sheet. I want to clean it in stages, with the data in each stage going into the next sheet. When my chairmen clicks into the sheet I want the explanation of what the stage is to pop up. I would...
  15. N

    Executing Macro by clicking Cell Contain.

    Dear Sir, I Want to execute Micro by clicking Cell "A3" Containt. Can It Possibel.
  16. I

    Duplicate excelsheet by clicking a specific cell in excel. Possible?

    Hi everyone, First I must say that this forum is awesome. Everybody wants to help! So to my question. Is it possible to create a macro that makes it possible to duplicate the activated sheet by clicking a cell (Something like a "hyperlink"). Is this possible to do? I would be grateful if...
  17. M

    VBA - Prevent accidental selection of list items when opening userform

    I have a macro which opens a userform with a listbox. I execute this macro by clicking a shape in a worksheet. The problem is that sometimes when the userform pops up, the listbox catches the same mouse click from clicking the shape, and that selects an item on the list. What is the best way...
  18. F

    Why when I add a new worksheet in Excel 365 why does it add 3 sheets?

    As standard new workbooks I create have 3 worksheets. If I want to add an additional sheet by clicking the + after the last sheet or by clicking insert it adds 3 new worksheets. Is there a way of only adding one at a time? I have experimented with restricting new workbooks to one worksheet but...
  19. D

    How do I copy a worksheet tab in a shared workbook?

    I want to duplicate a worksheeet (Tab) within a shared workbook? When I try it the conventional way by right clicking on the tab a message pops up that says it's not allowed in a shared workbook. Thanks.
  20. D

    Clicking different cells to open files

    Hi guys. I have a spread sheet with multiple options on there. Previously I had used hyperlinks to link to word documents for the shipping labels but people are clicking by mistake a making a right hash of things so I am now looking at adding VBA code where you would double click a set cell and...

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