1. L

    How to populate a cell[s] by clicking on another cell

    Hi all, 1st post here. I want to cells to populate with "Y" when someone clicks on another cell in a worksheet. Is this possible within excel? If so, could someone assist. Example, someone clicks on cell A1 then cells A2, A3, A4, A5 etc. are populated with Y. Thanks.
  2. C

    Spinning Button carry over to a new row

    Hey all. Need help on my project. So, I have 2 sheets. Sheet 1 is where the 2 Spin Button and a Command Button is located. Sheet 2 is where the data get recorded. Basically, what the Spin button does is to count each click. I already have the code for this. The Command button will add a new...
  3. S

    Pattern Not Applying to Cells

    Hey All, So a friend of mine has a workbook that is acting up. When he selects a range to fill the cells he has to click twice. The first time he clicks nothing happens, and the second time he clicks the pattern is applied. I thought this was curious so I recorded a macro when he did this and...
  4. O

    Display hidden cells

    How can one display the value of a hidden cell when a user clicks on the other cell? Say, column B is hiddent. User clicks on cell A1 and B1 gets displayed (A2 --> B2, etc.). Display in any way - pop up, text box or unhide column B and have it visible until user clicks other than A.
  5. P

    Sub PromptPrinter()

    Hi Al, I'm using the following code to call a printer. Sub PromptPrinter() Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrinterSetup).Show End Sub How do I add if the user clicks the button that the sub can provide a Msgbox "Cancel" ? Thank you! pinaceous
  6. S


    I have a list on a sheet with lots of different names of organisations. E.g. <tbody> Cell Value Cell ORGANISATION 1 A1 ORGANISATION 2 A2 ORGANISATION 3 A3 </tbody> Is it possible to have a hyperlink so that when the user clicks on the Cell Value, it takes them to a different sheet...
  7. M

    Update Cell value When Clicking on the Shape or Hyperlink in Excel 2016

    I have built up a dashboard in Excel 2016 which is currently showing the data for past two weeks. But I want to make it more interactive by adding arrows which increment and decrements the range by two weeks and so forth, when user clicks on the arrow. One way which I can think of, If I am...
  8. P

    command buttons not working

    Private Sub cmbSDPFLine_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean) Dim rtn_ans1 As String If cmbSDPFLine.Value = "" Then rtn_ans1 = MsgBox("Please select a production line.", vbOKOnly, "Please Select Production Line") Select Case rtn_ans1 Case 1...
  9. T

    Working backwards from a tiered pricing rate

    Hi, I am building a tool that shows me the effective cost per click for a number of clicks based on some pricing tiers... <tbody> Cost From (>=) Cost To (<) <tbody> Clicks (>=) </tbody> <tbody> Clicks To (<) </tbody> <tbody> CPC </tbody> <tbody> Diff. Rate </tbody> 0 500 0...
  10. wilkisa

    Need static cell value to change to value relative in column B regardless where cursor is positioned

    I need help with this one. My user has a very large workbook (22 columns, thousands of rows). In cell I7, he wants to have it change to whatever the value is in column B that corresponds to his position in the workbook. For example, he clicks in cell F220, the value in B220 is 1559 and that...
  11. A

    Exit Sub if user presses cancel button in inputbox or when it is empty

    Hi, I have an input box that asks user to select a range of cells, then copies the cells and opens a new sheet. I want to make sure if the user clicks on Cancel it exits the sub and if user clicks ok and the box is empty it prompts the user with a msgbox and else it continues with the macro...
  12. V

    Frame1.visible = false

    I have a user form and it has 5 frame's, with Frame1 to Frame5 and a button name as "start". Once the user clicks the button, all the 5 Frame's are visible = true What I need is (not so sure) do or can we create a timer as once the user clicks the button and after 10 sec the Frame1.visible =...
  13. Trevor3007

    msg box to ask where file is located

    hi, I have already have vb code that opens a file etc. but I need to send this worksheet onto users ( this location will change from user to user & as will the file name). When the user 'clicks' on the macro button , they need to point to where their applicable file is located and then the rest...

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