1. H

    Highlighting cells in 20 minute increments.

    I would like cell IJK3 highlight itself at 20:00 then IJK4 become highlighted at 20:20 and for IJK3 to go back to being not highlighted at 20:20. At 20:40 I would like IJK5 to become highlighted then IJK4 to go back to being not highlighted. At 21:00 I would like for IJK6 to be highlighted and...
  2. D

    Time format question

    The time is returned in the military and it should be in the 12 am-pm clock. Cell G 12 9/27/19 (date format) Cell H 12 5:08 PM (Time format) Cell I 12 Formula TEXT(G12,"mm/dd/yyyy")&" "&TEXT(H12,"hh:mm") Cell I 12 Formula Results 09/27/2019 17:08 I would...
  3. G

    Calculating a Clock-Out Time for the Week

    Hi guys, Just a quick question on how to get a predicted Clock Out time for the week with 60.5 hours MAX. Column1 is the total so far in the week. Clock In Time is Todays clock in time. If the Recommended Clock out time is 12 hours or more away, have it display a text. <tbody> <tbody>...
  4. L

    Formula to Calculate Clock Out Time

    Hi, Can someone please come up with a formula? If I clock in at 8 am (cell L5) and need to work 9 hours (cell O2) what time do I clock out? There is a lunch break: L2 (12 pm) L3 (1 pm) Also this may be a job that carries over from the previous day as in the 18.0 hour JOB TIME can the...
  5. M

    Flickering spreadsheet due to VBA codes

    I have the following Module that inserts a ticking clock, with the current time , on to a worksheet that is used to send automated emails once past a certain time. I also have a VBA Code that takes photos from my desktop and inserts them into the same spreadsheet based on the name of the saved...
  6. B

    Running clock

    Hi I am looking for a macro/VBA code which will put a running clock into a cell showing the current time but I want it to run when the workbook is opened, I have looked and nothing I have found so far works for me I am fairly new to excel
  7. J

    Looking for a formula for time

    I want to make a timecard calculator that tells you what time you need to clock out so an employee does not work over 40 hours in a week. Also the timecard displays time in a 100 minute clock. (Example) Employee worked 32.68 hours by Thursday, start time on Friday is 8:00am, lunch out is...
  8. F

    Macro to Look for Differences in Time

    Hello, I'm building a macro that identifies time errors to be fixed off a report that includes employee clock in/clock out times. The only values that matter are the actual clock out times vs. system clock out times. Specifically, if an employee physically clocked out at one time, but the...
  9. J

    Calculating Between Two Times in HH:MM "AM / PM" Format

    I have a massive list of employees who worked more than ten hours in a single shift. A2 = John Smith B2 = 7/15/18 C2 = 11:57 AM D2 = 4:03 AM My problem is that we use ADP and in our system, you can clock in 7 minutes before or after the start of your shift and still get credit for starting at...
  10. S

    Need Help with excel Formula

    I'm building a time card calculator to compute number of hours worked per day Clock In/Clock Out...need HELP rewriting the following formula... =MROUND(IF((OR(B13="",D13="")),0,IF((D13<B13),((D13-B13)*24)+24,(D13-B13)*24)-C13/60),1/60) I need this formula to calculate exact time/hours and not...
  11. O

    clock macro

    Hi all... looking at a few threads i'm not finding what i need. wondering if i could get help to create a clock macro. I would need it to run when clicking start timer button in a user form, update Cell B22 with the current time on sheet named SMC Planner every 5 minutes, and when i close the...
  12. L

    cool applications using vba

    Hi Once, I saw a site which has .xlsx files which demonstrate cool applications like Analog clock, games, digital clock, thermostat etc. I tried to google but no success. Have you seen such website or do you know one. Thank you so much.
  13. J

    Volatile Time calculations

    Hi, I'm wanting to calculate a time from when a user clocks in to the current time though unsure the best way to go about it. Currently I have a cell with now() Then subtract the clock in time from current time. Though this makes all the cells volatile right? Is there a better way to do this...
  14. J

    Formula Help

    I have a spreadsheet that I’m using to calculate hours worked. column headings are ”Clock In”, “Meal Hour 1”, “Meal Hour 2”, “Meal Hour 3”, ”Meal Hour 4“ & “Clock Out”. After the clock out time there are Stright Time Hours Worked, Time & 1/2 Hours Worked, and Doubletime Hours worked. I want to...
  15. J

    Need help with formula.

    For the table below, I need formula that will calculate the number of straight Time Hours btw the clock in and clock out times, but I also need it to add an hour for everything break hour that is worked through. I tried a combination of conjunctive IF's with AND/OR with no success. Any help is...
  16. H

    Time Clock

  17. G

    Macro to copy several items based on several conditions and paste on specific cells of another workbook

    Hi there, I'm need of some help please, as I'm currently having to track and compile all the data mentioned below manually. Here is the situation: I have a workbook with several sheets. Each sheet contains a weeks worth of punch times for several employees. The data on each sheet is always...
  18. S

    Time Stamp

    Hello everyone! I'm currently working on a Macro-enabled Timesheet for my job where the employees can click a button to record the time they come in to work and leave. I have 4 fields that require a timestamp per day (Clock in for the day, clock out for lunch, clock in from lunch, and clock...
  19. F

    Help needed!

    Hi All, I have a report which shows clock in and out times for staff members. This literally shows every time they clock in/out during the day, but what I want to do is easily find just the first and last clock in/out. The below link shows an example of the data...
  20. K

    Spreadsheet for calculating pay, multiple differentials

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to make a spreadsheet that can calculate my gross pay. I get a base pay along with zero or one of three shift differentials, depending on when I work. An example is below. What I have right now is a spreadsheet with my clock in and out times, the amount of...

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