close running macro file

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    Run Macro On Closing Workbook

    Group, I need to close a second workbook when the primary workbook closes. I've tried the following macro: Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean) Workbooks(propRestran).Activate ActiveWorkbook.Close End Sub When closing the primary workbook (where the macro is housed)...
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    New to Macros (Please Help)

    I have a problem with sharing an excel product, so I'm left at the mercy on relying on others to close out the product when they're done. This workbook is utilized by many people, but can't be shared due to the tables and formulas therein. So, how can I create an Auto-Save Auto-close...
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    Close Current Running Macro File

    I have several excel files that make use of a central "macros file". This allows the macros to be coded once, instead of being duplicated across many files. Anyway, I have buttons within the "driving files" that launch the various remote-macros. This works fine. However, one annoyance is...

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