1. M

    Disable workbook X, use userform exit button

    I have a button on my userform that performs the following Private Sub btn_exit_Click() ThisWorkbook.Close True Application.Quit End Sub I want to prevent the user from using the workbook X to close the workbook and force them to use the button. Everything I have found prevents the X from...
  2. D

    Userform not closing via unload me code

    Hi, I want to add a close button to my userform but I can't seem to be able to work because of my textbox 1 code. I always have to enter 18 characters regardless. I need the 18 characters code if the operator has selected the right userform but I need the close button just in case for whatever...
  3. C

    vba to close workbook

    Hi. I would like a macro that closes another spreadsheet at the end of a macro. The sheet always starts with the name 'formdata' but may have different number&letter sequence after the name. So to catch all I want the vba to close the file beginning with 'formdata' Something like...
  4. D

    Date (Month/Year) Comparison. Nested IFs

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I've been searching Google the past 2 days, but can't seem to get this working. I am using a table, with Nov 2017 - December 2018 in as table headers. I have another column of Est. Closed Date and Net Revenue. I am trying to right a formula that says: IF Est...
  5. E

    Clear /reset Autofilter on close

    Hi all, I have on workbook with several sheets. On sheet "Verdeling" a (sometimes) a autofilter is used. I want to Clear / reset this with VBA when closing the workbook. (Or clear it when open the workbook) The workbook always start/exit on sheet "Voorblad" .. I found this code: (On...
  6. B

    Running macros from one sheet on opening

    Without too much searching I can find a way to ‘open a spreadsheet’. I’m looking to run a macro on open of the second ‘called workbook’ To be clear. I want to run the macro on open from the first sheet. Not on open of the second workbook. I still want to be able to open the workbook and use...
  7. V

    Excel forcing me to close the file.

    Guys, Help please! Im trying to figure out what’s the problem here, I’ve checked all the areas but still im getting the same error. Excel keeps on pushing to restart or close my template. Here’s what happened. When I have entered a numeric values in my target cell, excel works fine. But...
  8. E

    Help!!! Moving a row to another sheet after a particular date

    Good Afternoon, I have 2 sheet's open one "2017" the other is "Close Out", I would like for the row's to duplicate and move to "Close Out" after the date has passed that is populated in column D starting at line 4. Any tip's or pointer's would be greatly appreciated.
  9. A

    Add Action in X at userform macro VBA

    I have a userform in macro which gets the source from another workbook(test.xlsm). So I used this code below to open that workbook without showing it. picture : <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight...
  10. M

    VBA If A1=1 then save and close

    Please help with VBA once A1 is changed to value of 1 then trigger the file to save and close itself. Thanks
  11. L

    Ribbon does not close

    Hi good people!, I have a very serious problem...Something happened while working on a spreadsheet which is causing me great headache. All I did was create a macro button with this code: ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Rounded Rectangle 11")).Select Columns("AD:AF").Select...
  12. T

    Saving Sheet the wont CLOSE using VBA

    I am working with a script that will save a SHEET from my workbook to a location on my computer but it opens it up also. SO I am trying to get that NOT to open or at the least we I can get that file to close. Here is where I am at now: Application.DisplayAlerts = False ActiveSheet.Select...
  13. O

    Excel auto open

    Hi i have excel sheet with a user form the question: I need that file to open automatically on specific date and time then close again by it self after a while. (to work as reminder). Thanks
  14. T

    The file you have chosen is in use. Please close the file before you import

    Hi All, My issue is that I get a error message "The file you have chosen is in use. Please close the file before you import". I am in Diagram View, go to existing connections and double click the source file that is an xls, file saved on the share point. My goal is to import a new column I...
  15. B

    Stats question

    Hi team We have a sales closing cycle of 3 days (corporate standard). the goal is to close w/in 0-3 days. That said, lots of employees close their info., in the system past 3 days i.e. some do it 14 days, 33 days etc. What's the best way to show which employees are worse than other? Would a...
  16. J

    protecting worksheet issue

    Is there a way you can protect a worksheet and still be able to open and close groupings? thanks for any help Juan
  17. S

    Close CSV without Saving

    Hi guys, I need some help with a macro Im trying to make All I am doing is cycling through a folder of .xlsb and saving them as a CSV file and then close The latter part Im having difficulties with, any code that I try using to close without saving does not work. When I run the macro, it...
  18. H

    VBA Code to close adobe reader

    I am looking for code to close Adobe Acrobat reader via Excel if open I would appreciate any assistance to do this
  19. C

    Closing workbooks automatically

    Hi I have an interface in excel that links to many files ( around 28) and once they open users can navigate around to display information. One of the issues I have is that they all stay open and I want them to close when they click on a home button I have that links back to the main interface...

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