1. W

    Find if a file is locked to a sync program Dropbox, Gdrive or Onedrive

    I have an Excel macros that writes to a secondary Excel file and saves it. The macro then tells another program that it can now read from the Excel file. The problem is that when I save the file it starts syncing with one of the cloud sync programs and the other program can't read it as the...
  2. M

    revision cloud add-in "cloud.xlam"

    I watched a youtube video by Amjad Pervaiz on making rev clouds in Excell. He had a add-in called "cloud.xlam" that would convert a rectangle to a cloud. He could adjust the arc radius, color, and line thickness. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this add-in?
  3. M

    revison cloud add-in

    I need a copy of the revision cloud add-in named "cloud.xlam".
  4. S

    Consolidating Sales Data on Cloud from multiple Outlets in excel files

    I would like multiple outlets to submit their weekly sales in excel files to a cloud location. this data would be in cells A2 to G2 in a file named Outlet code of each unit e.g. 0001.xls. These seven cells of each outlet i.e. A2 to G2 will be embedded in a main file placed on cloud in a sheet...
  5. R

    Share workbook from cloud.

    Hi all Can I share a workbook from the cloud but prevent people from downloading it or copying it? Thank you! Russ
  6. 9tanstaafl9

    Excel clears the top row when opening a workbook for the first time on cloud server.

    Excel voodoo happening. I have a workbook that works fine on many many computers. I started using Excel on a cloud server today, using Microsoft Remote Desktop on my Mac. When I opened the workbook (also on the server) the top row was missing. I mean it was there (things hadn't shifted up) but...
  7. S

    How to Concat or VBA Based on a cell value

    hi all, i have 800,00 rows of data and i need to move the text into 1 cell where they have a matching value in another cell. <tbody> 11723 scott smith scott smith 11723 jack harry scott smith, jack harry 11723 ben phillips scott smith, jack harry, ben phillips 11122 carrie cloud carrie...
  8. K

    Saving a Macro as new FN to a cloud drive

    I work at a small company and have been tasked with setting up a new invoice system. The company currently uses OneDrive to save files as that is what my colleagues are comfortable using and allows access from home. Basic i know, but for what we do it works well. The invoice is currently a...
  9. P

    Upload file to Google Drive

    Can someone point me to code that uploads a file to Google Drive? I have many metrics that we want to automatically post to the cloud.
  10. P

    Shutdown Workbook if used outside Cloud Enivironment

    I've been working on a very useful tool for my team at work. One of my concerns is that I don't want this tool to be shared with competitors, and/or if a current employee leaves, I don't want them taking it with them. We operate in a cloud environment, so my thought was to run a macro upon...
  11. J

    VBA - Text to columns to format and Preparing Worksheet (press esc to cancel)

    I have searched the forums here and cannot find a solution that makes sense to me, so here goes- I have data from a query. It is in table format and I need to format two columns. The first is a list of stock numbers. Some contain only numbers, some have alpha characters at the end. i.e...
  12. C

    Integrate Excel with Pro Word Cloud 2016 using VBA

    Hi, Microsoft brought out an Add-In for Word & Powerpoint 2016, but not for Excel 2016, called Pro Word Cloud. My data/text to drive the production of a word cloud is sat in Excel and I would like to be able to copy the text to Word, have a word cloud produced, and then for the cloud to be...
  13. E

    OneDrive - Excel Share Workbook + Merging

    Hello, I have an excel workbook on my OneDrive folder that I want to share with some classmates -- I checked the box to "allow changes by more than one user at the same time - this also allows workbook merging". I did a test run and tried opening the excel workbook from two different...
  14. E

    Moving an excel model to software

    I would like convert a few of my excel models into a cloud based application so that multiple users can use the same models at different offices. These models store store data, update data points using a 3rd party add-in, and run a number of statistical formulas on the combination of data...
  15. andrewb90

    External Reference to a workbook online?

    Hello all, I'm not sure if this is possible, but I have several workbooks that go out to different users and I would like to have one cell in each of those workbooks reference a cell in my workbook. Can I keep my copy of the workbook somewhere that all can connect? Any helpful hints or ideas...
  16. F

    Programmatically obtain Dropbox share link

    Has anyone found a way for VBA to copy the share link of a Dropbox folder? Many file explorers (such as XYplorer, which I use), have a context menu option to "Copy Dropbox Link" on my Dropbox files. This also works with OneDrive. I assume XYPlorer and its ilk are using the cloud service's API to...
  17. C

    OneDrive-to-Desktop Referencing: Excel

    Hi, I feel like I've done quite a bit of research to not have found an answer to this - please help! Using Office 2013 Background: I work for a company that has about 20 facilities with an employee at each that performs general data entry multiple times per week for about 300 items each time...
  18. K

    VBA connection string to google Cloud SQL

    Hi guys, So I have a macro that pulls data from a mySQL table from a database on localhost server. I have another mySQL server which has been successfully connected to a cloud SQL instance in the Google Developers Console. I would like to take the existing macro I have and rather than pull...
  19. S

    Automated Excel Report to Web

    Hi all, I'm trying to weigh my options for generating reports to be displayed on a website. I currently have an Excel workbook that imports data from a database, based on user input, and creates a report on a worksheet. The report includes a combination of text and charts. The process to create...
  20. D

    Building an app from an Excel sheet

    [Cross-posted from Excel Forum.] Hi there, A couple of months ago I reached out to the community and asked whether some spreadsheets would work better as apps. For us, the answer is obvious, as we have helped create apps based on Excel sheets for years, mostly for hospital use. We've seen...

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