1. L

    Excel Running out of resources - maybe you can help?

    Maybe my sheet is inefficient but what i am trying to do is have a task list scheduling tool. Basically I have a list of 30K tasks that can be assigned to various team members. Each task has a certain amount of time allowed and a start and end date. If a task takes 5 hours and we have the...
  2. J

    Script to change query parameters

    In my dBase, I have three queries that have a parameter that is coded Like"*TUC*" The dBase is designed to be used by various locations with different location coded. Is there a way to change the query parameter in these three queries via a script?
  3. J

    VBA Code to Enter Cell Data or Execute Formula

    I have a spreadsheet that I need help writing the correct VBA code to allow for a cell containing a formula to be overwritten with hard coded data. To explain I have a cell that calculates a date however from time to time I need to override that calculated date with a hard coded date. The two...
  4. P

    open and close userforms

    I have a button (called CommandButton100) that, when pressed, should close the current UserForm (called TouchPadForA_Cognitive) and open the UserForm (called TouchPadForA_PSMT) How should that be coded in VBA ? Very kind regards, Chris
  5. L

    Best way to VBA code an identical copy of a sheet containing specific formatting

    Hi I would like to add to a macro that I'm writing specific formatting (grids/colors etc) that I made once upon a time for a table I use in excel. Rather than having to try and replicate my steps while recording code for the macro is there a way I can have this formatting coded coded...
  6. D

    e-mail matches to annotate file

    I have a large (10k records) database (DB) in which I want to annotate records. I have a separate file of e-mails (file T) which I want use to find records in DB with matching e-mails to add a field to the found records in DB with a code. I've never coded anything but very simple Micros. Looking...
  7. S

    Help with a Formula (contains rage or hard coded text)

    Hi Excel Gurus, I managed to achieve what I was after, but want to show "Internal" if the statement is False and "External" If True. Currently the first two formulas result in True or False only. =SUMPRODUCT(--ISNUMBER(SEARCH({"STL","SCL","STM","STS"},C2)))>0...
  8. M

    Data with String/Text Value with Vlookup formula

    Dear Master I need your help please. First sorry for my english. I have coded database in excel, that mixed with text value format and number format. I want to use vlookup formula, but I can't found the fastes way. - to convert them to number format. - or any other vlookup formula that can...
  9. pedie

    If 1st file is not found then look for 2nd file or 3rd file opened....!

    Hi, If 1st file ("For Pedie(1).xls") is not found then look for 2nd file ("For Pedie(2).xls") if not found then look for 3rd file ("For Pedie(3).xls"). If file is found anytime then stop looking for the other files and do what my code has to do. Below is the code that looks for single file and...

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