1. M

    Retrieving Column Header values in a grid

    I have a large client product ID grid I am working with where I am trying to develop a formula that will pick up the column header values (product ID) if an X is present in the cell. The formula is in the Codes column, below is a sample of what I am working with but there are many product codes...
  2. E

    Embed a list range into a sumifs formula

    Hello I am using the below formula to generate TB table gathering the sum amount from a general ledger within a year end date range against each chart code (column A in image below). There are transaction codes which can be ignored within the GL and the codes in in columns I-N in the image...
  3. M

    Combining multiple Worksheet Change Events

    Hi all, I have two worksheet changes that I am having trouble to combine so that the changes work at the same time. The two changes do affect the same cells, but one hides the whole row and one stops specific cells from being deleted. Here are the two codes: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal...
  4. J

    Website auto login

    Hi I would like to seek assistance on how to write the codes to log into the website by inserting my user ID & password automatically. Below is the current HTML codes for the website: Log In to Your Account</p> </div> <div class="clearboth"> </div> <div...
  5. J

    Fomula to Match Items in a List

    I have a spreadsheet and in column G are codes like IP (in progress) or SS (short-staffed), among others. These codes are a saved range called "Codes" and they are in column AH. AH is a dynamic range so that is why there is no cell reference here. I want to use a COUNTIF formula to count all...
  6. N

    VBA code for Countifs when there are 3 conditions

    Hi, I am working on a macro wherein it should count the number of cells that meets the following 3 criteria: 1. Range N:N is > 5,000,000 2. Range AE = To prematch 3. Range J:J = next business day My current codes are as follows but I am not sure on how to integrate the 3 codes. The SD =...
  7. S

    Multiple CASEs: Best Practices, Arrays?

    Hello and thank you for offering your help. I have 2 columns I have to compare and match. Cities and Airport Codes Each column is user defined (input by user, not pulled out of a static environment/system) which adds some tricky coding. 1. There are over 200 airport codes in this particular...
  8. V

    Not able to integrate Progress bar vba with existing code

    Hi I have a long vba code with almost 7 vba codes calling each other and i want to show the progress of vba to the user using progress bar. I have both the codes ie. for Progress bar and my own code but i am not able to integrate the both. Please advise on how to integrate the bigger vba codes...
  9. S

    Countif similar text values such as 3.1, 3.10, 4.1, 4.10

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble with counting numbers that are similar, example 3.1 and 3.10. We have violation codes that I am trying to count, problem is that both 3.1 and 3.10 come up with the same exact value although both are different digits. codes can go from 3.1 up to 3.15. Is there away...
  10. L

    how to understand number custom format

    Hi I want to understand these codes under number custom formatting. For example what does #,##0;-#,##0 mean or what does #,##0.00;[Red]-#,##0.00 mean. Is there any website/video explain step by steps what these codes mean and how you can created your own. I have seen some video/articles...
  11. P

    Counting with multiple criteria

    This may be a case of not knowing the best search terms to use, but I really have tried for way longer than I'd like to admit. <tbody> 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 A X F T Ft U Ax F V </tbody> I'm trying to count the number of columns where: -Row 1 = a specific number -Row 2 = one of many codes in a...
  12. M

    Issue finding a formula that works on a cell with multiple values (codes)

    Codes Formula A001,A002 (return 10+20+30=60) B001 (return 40=40) Code Data1 Data2 A001 10 20 A002 30 B001...
  13. M

    Append a column during import of file?

    I am looking at moving something like 144 excel files into Access to do some analysis on them. Each of the groups of files is broken up into a specific year, so 16 of them are 2005, 16 are from 2006, etc. However, none of them actually have the year included in any columns in the file. There...
  14. S

    IF, Vlookup and N/A & text issues

    Hi, I would like a formula to report data in cell M11. I'd like to start by looking up data in cell E11 and if it is less than 3000 to report it as "NT", if it is greater than 3000, I'd like cell H11 to be looked at and checked against a list of codes. If one of these codes appears I'd like...
  15. F

    Formula for Top 50 Sales By Item Number

    I have a workbook with 2 tabs 1st tab = Top 50 sales by item code 2nd tab = Open Orders w/amounts and item codes I need a formula that will pull only the item codes listed on the 1st tab from the Open Order tab. My Open Orders tab contains over 3,000 different item codes with 1000's of rows...
  16. G

    Vba Macro for remove duplicate values and sum other column

    Hi I have a table like this : <tbody> A B C D E F G 16 CODE AMOUNT 17 202 100 18 203 200 19 202 200 20 205 300 21 203 500 22 208 150 23 203 100 24 205 500 </tbody> I Want a...
  17. N

    Extracting the correct information

    I'm wanting an easier way to pull information I need for work, any solution to this would be awesome! I extract information and paste it on "sheet 2" which contains hundreds of rows and about 15 columns. In column "a" is the list of truck numbers (sometimes and often repeated), in column "h"...
  18. Y

    Array and range logic

    Hi, I've always wondered why this kind of codes doesn't work: Worksheets("Titles").Rows("1:1").Copy Worksheets(Array("V1", "V2").Rows(1)).Insert Shift:=xlDown Any help is appreciated.
  19. L

    Calculating the percentage of the same values in two different columns

    Hello guys, It is the first time I post on this forum, so please don't blame me :) I have the following issue. There are 2 columns. One with discipline codes and another one with the Job title of the employees. I have to calculate the percentage of Job titles...
  20. J

    How to remove semicolons at the end of numbers but not between

    Hello, So, I'm working with numerical codes and some of them are separated by (;) and some are not. When I exported the file for some reason there would be 15 semicolons attached to the codes. I would like to remove the semicolons at the end of each number but need to keep the ones in between...

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