1. Z

    Identify cells with unknown variable

    I have a spreadsheet with 8 columns of data. In the 3rd column, I have a variety of codes that start with 'B', 'D' and O'. However, those are just the ones that we KNOW OF in today's world. Management isn't sure if there could be other potential codes or not, and want me to include VBA that...
  2. T

    COUNTIF Help

    Hi, I am a first time poster in this forum. I have an issue regarding the COUNTIF formula:- I have a column containing codes and text - for example - "00000 - To be confirmed". Some rows in the column contain two or more codes and text separated by a semi-colon - for example - "95950 -...
  3. B

    Goolge Maps Data

    Hello there, This might be a really dumb question, if it is, just tell me it is! As part of my job, I have to get the time and distance between two post codes and with over 200 to do, it's bit of laborious process! I used to literally copy and paste every post code into Google, I've improved...
  4. M

    Loop through a list of codes in columns and save ones meeting the criteria as their own workbook

    Hi, I'd appreciate some help please in doing the following. I have a spreadsheet set up as follows: Column A = question number Column B = question text Columns C to BFW = a list of 1,528 store numbers in row 1 and their corresponding area codes in row 2 There are approx. 80 different area...
  5. W

    Last Row issue

    I am wiorking with a sheet that is foramted as a table. I have tried five separate codes to get the last row in column ag. None work. Can anyone suggest a solution?
  6. H

    Issue to button and unable to copy

    Hi, Can you see file below, and advise how I can add codes (as the clicked event) to the button within Ledger sheet?!Ai8CrEskdewXngRR6DYl8WCGYsQY It seems also the below codes do not copy the values of cells properly. Any idea...
  7. I

    Color codes in UserForms

    Hello all! I am trying to get more into making UserForms and the limited color choice is starting to bother me. Is there a way to convert hex color codes to what ever this is, &H80000012&?
  8. H

    Macro to Filter in PIVOT Table.

    Hi Guyz, I am working with a Pivot. That has some 1000 project each having unique alpha numerical project codes and there budgets for the entire year. I have grouped the multiple projects under Labs. So I want to filter the project codes in the pivot which in turn effects an Chart. I tried...
  9. M

    Sorting 3 columns (over 1million rows in total) A - Z

    Hi, I have 3 workbooks where the total rows is greater than 1048576 rows. It's probably about 1,500,000 rows (approx) These are Product codes (starting with either a number or a letter) - (including duplicates but at this moment in time, I don't want to remove the duplicates due to the data...
  10. W

    VBA to copy rows to a master sheet when a quantity is entered in one of the material worksheets

    I have attached my file. I have tried several different codes, but to no avail. Upon entry of a quantity in worksheets Conduit, Strut, Wire & Misc., I need that row of information to be copied into the RFQ form in the respective columns. I have deleted all the codes that I have tried so I am...
  11. P

    Next Language for a Userform?

    I have been working within my company creating UserForms on excel for multiple different inputs and outputs. I'm getting the stage where I feel comfortable to move forward and create an actual program outside of excel. However, I am unsure of the best language for this. Currently I build...
  12. B

    Finding the correct formula for multiple ranges of zip codes to determine shipping cost.

    I have several vertical ranges of zip codes with each range equaling a specific delivery cost. If I type the a zip code in one cell, I want the cell next to it to show the price of delivery. I have been successful with different formulas, but they have only worked with one range at a time. I...
  13. T

    Using RAND function

    Question, I have not used this and I need to set up based on 2 criteria I have a column with names in it and a second column with codes in them. I only want 10% of the total codes for each name Name 1 can have 20 codes so I need to randomize the two codes that get audited. Name 2 50 codes so...
  14. K0st4din

    Macros Compare the last two months and remove the coloring in the first

    Hello, everyone, thanks to your help, so far I have been dealing with a lot of troublesome tasks for me. I'm here again for your help. I have a large database table. With other macros, I get almost to the end of this table. I have a dilemma with which I can not fight. The table has a range of...
  15. D

    Combine details on one sheet

    I have a sheet which hold job information and hours for several different employees for each month. Each job has its own code so for example there may be 10 separate entries that have job code A10. Is it possible to create a list on a separate page that automatically copies across the job codes...
  16. NewOrderFac33

    Extracting differences between two comma-separated strings

    Good afternoon - I have two columns of comma-separated two character codes (for example): A B AA,DB,LN,WE,UR,TD,QW AA,LN,WE,VF,WE,UR,OW,ZL The the codes will always comprise two characters, but will not...
  17. A

    Userform clear labels function

    How can I clear all the labels with a code on userform UserForm_Initialize() instead of wring below codes one by one? Me.Label1.Caption = ("") Thanks
  18. M

    Conditional Formatting - highlight row based on cell not containing text

    I hope someone can help me as I'm getting a real headache from this one! I have a report from a supplier that contains branch codes - I want to apply a few rules to highlight (grey-out) branches that aren't relevant; all the branches we are interested in start with Q94 followed by another 4 or...
  19. N

    Assigning Values to Text

    Hello, I am trying to assign values to text in multiple cells. I am trying to make an employee attendance tracker less manual. For example when I fill a cell that represents a day on a calendar I would use the word "sick" when they call out. How do I make that word "sick" equal to a value of 8...
  20. D

    VBA- Finding Highest Value and Matching to Names in other column.

    I have a question which says: "Refer to the "Final Marks" column (Column N) and find the student with the highest mark. Display the student name (from Column D) into the cell Q2. Answer should be in the form of VBA codes." I have managed to do this using Excel function...

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