1. A

    same codes for same command buttons procedures

    Hi I am designing a calendar with 365 command button as 365 days, and all buttons has same codes in spite of indexes. Is there any way to have one procedure instead of 365. for example my first day on seventh month procedure is here: Private Sub day_7_1_Click() For i = 1 To Sheets.Count If...
  2. K

    formula to count codes

    Hello folks , I have some codes that i want to count in each row , for that i am looking for a formula to count those codes <colgroup><col width="64" span="5" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> 1 2 3 4 6 PL SL CL P UL </tbody> in the above table i have codes...
  3. D

    Calculating sum of count based on selected codes multiplied by code value

    Good afternoon all, First off let me apologize for the title, I tried to describe what is needed but it still sounds confusing. Background information: I have 3 tables: 1. Shift code legend (contains 3 columns - Code, Description, FTE value). table is named: T_ShiftCode 2. Hours Calculating...
  4. W

    Dynamically change header based on worksheet

    Is it possible to dynamically set a print header depending on the page that's being printed? Basically I need to create an attendance tracker that's used by the people inputting the data, and the people tracking it. Each worksheet is assigned to a specific supervisor. The supervisors will print...
  5. E

    Why won’t my VLookup formula work?

    I have successfully used the VLookup formulas for years. It is one of my go to formulas in Excel. I have a situation now that I can’t figure out. I am importing a list of codes from an outside source into my Excel workbook and trying to match them up with identical codes that already reside...
  6. N

    Does not contain VBA code

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that needs to highlight cell on column A if column D is >=20 and column O does not contain “TOR”. My current codes are below but its not capturing the condition for column O. Can you help me correct my codes? Range (“A4”). End(xldown).activate Do until...
  7. D

    Reverse Comma Delimited

    I receive a healthcare financial report. Each account has several services called "CPT." Each CPT has an assigned payment code called "EOB Code." The report I get lists all EOB codes for the account next to each CPT. I would like to break this down to only list the EOB code applicable to each...
  8. R

    How to create automatically new sheets and the in each one of them create a report

    Hi all, i´m trying to create automatically, based in a list of client codes, new sheets (and the name of each one of them are the client codes) and then inside of them create a report from sql data base. for the first part i have the code to create new sheets with the name based in a list of...
  9. R

    Combining VBA codes

    Hi there! I'm new to this forum, so please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong! I'm not versed in the arts of VBA, but have managed to find the codes I need through Google. The codes read: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Column <> 1 Or Target.Cells.Count > 1...
  10. C

    Copy cells based on number of number of digits in a code

    Hi there, I have a problem I cant quite figure out - I have two columns A & B running to 29,000 rows! In A I have codes ranging in length from 1 digit to to 7 digits. In column B are descriptors for each code. i would like to extract to two new columns the 5-digit codes and their descriptors...
  11. E

    concatenating cells together depending on criteria?!

    hi, is there a way to concatenate the contents of multiple cells together depending on IF certain criteria? EG we have "item names" in Column A and their corresponding "order codes" in Column B So sometimes we can have a plug, but it has 3 different order codes. Is there a Marco or Function...
  12. M

    Match Data From Two Sheets

    I have two sheets of data. Sheet 1 has ID's and sheet 2 has ID'sand zip codes. I need to match the zip codes to the first sheet if there is a matching ID. The two sheetsonly have some matching ID's so I can't just sort them. <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt" span="2">...
  13. C

    dumb DAX question

    so I have a table and am trying to write a formula that essentially states "if these codes are are in this column, sum the values", but all three I've tried come back with (blank): A99:=CALCULATE(SUM(dn_BillingMonthly[Corrected Billing Amt]),dn_BillingMonthly[Correct Code]="A2" &&...
  14. R

    How Can I Sort the Dates Automatically Not Messing Up The Format

    A Screenshot of the worksheet is attached below. Help needed please as I'm new to using codes in VBA.!AuJosJM5re-thDoADN_0odaoTIQH
  15. MCTampa

    Using InStr or Like in a query

    <tbody> Resort Codes Resort Searches MM1 HNS;HSL;MG1;MG3;MG5;MGA;MM1;WNL GTR HNS;GTR;MG1;MG3;MG5;MGA;MML;WNL NCV HNS;HSL;MG1;MG3;MG5;MGA;MML;WNL MKO HNS;HSL;MG1;MG3;MG5;MGA;MKO;WNL </tbody> Hello, I have a table with two columns: list of resort codes and a list of resort...
  16. M

    Convert a vertical list of values

    I have a list of RAL DESIGN colours like this: Row Code Gernman English Code German English Code German English I need is displayed: A B C 1. Code German English 2. Code German English All the codes are unique ans displayed like this 000 60 00 I'm struggling to get...
  17. B

    pivot table treating some values differently

    I have a pivot table where the Row is Zip Code and the Value is a count of zip code. In other words, it is counting how many times each zip code appears in my data set. There are 35 zip code values. Everything works perfectly for 33 of the 35 but for some reason the pivot table is treating 2 of...
  18. J

    Add up values in cells based on a lookup value

    Hi, I have a data set of buildings and their values. I have zip codes in one column (call it column A), and property values in the next column, (call it column B). I then have a separate list of certain zip codes - named range 'zips' in column C. I want a formula to find all of the zip codes...
  19. B

    Lookup names

    lets say i have two column in sheet 1 A is Names B is code of them in sheet 2 i have just names how can do below 1- check the names in sheet 1 with names in sheet 2 2- putting the codes of names in sheet 2 thanks
  20. M

    Display message in a cell based on value in a cell that is selected

    Hello! I have a table with codes E4:P250, example of codes mjk502, mjb333 etc. I would like, if possible, that if I select any cell, for example F65, that has the code mjk502, it displays what the code means in C2. All codes are in a different sheet in the same workbook.

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