1. M

    How to collate data in a single spreadsheet based on 4 criterias

    Hi all, New member here. I have a spreadsheet with the below format. So a single workbook would have 90-100 sheets with that same format. What I want to do is to collate all the data that match 4 criterias in a single workbook: Date, Oversees Manager, Overall Status, Assigned Contractor. For...
  2. G

    VBA to Collate & Staple

    Hello All, The printer here at work will collate and staple. Just out of curiosity, is there VBA to insert into my code to collate and staple? Normally, I simply go into the printer properties and set it to do this, then run the code. Thanks
  3. A

    Combining cells from multiple worksheets into rows on single worksheet

    Hi, I am hoping someone is able to help me. I have a workbook with about 300 tabs. All exactly the same format. I am trying to write a macro that copies all of the data from several cells in each workbook into a single workbook. Let me give more an example. A1 - First Name B1 - Last Name C1 -...
  4. B

    Printing Macro Commands

    Greetings, A while back I received some help here. The macro is still working great! I was wondering though how to get it print a certain way. Here's what I have: A workbook with 6 different sheets in it. Each sheet has numbered rows with peoples names (Sheet 1 has 1-20, Sheet 2 has 21-45...
  5. R

    Collate the data from excel when it is opening

    Hi Team, I am stuck in a scenario where Superviosor need to collate the data from all team, twice or thrice in a day. Below is my code which is working fine if the file is closed and we want to collate the data with all type of excel whether user is working on this file or it is close. I am...
  6. B

    Simple collation of column data

    I have multiple columns - for any row a "result" will only appear in ONE column... Please - is there a simple way to collate the row data into a single column? Thank you.
  7. C

    Uncollate print setting at file start

    Hi all, This is my first post. First, thank you for reading. Second, I'm an average user of Excel, but completely new at macro's and VBA. I've searched around for days looking for an answer to this question, but haven't found anything that works yet. I know its simple enough to click and...
  8. S

    Collate data from Duplicates into new Column

    Hi was wondering if it was possible to collate all duplicate value into new column before colA colB 1 55 1 44 1 44 2 33 3 3 4 22 4 2 5 55 after would become colA column C 1 55,44 2...
  9. E

    Master spreadsheet to collate blank cells

    <tbody> CM REC JV 10511 √ 54127 √ 10512 √ 54128 √ 10513 √ 54129 10514 √ 54130 10515 √ 54131 √ 10516 54132 √ 10517 √ 54133 √ 10518 54134 √ 10519 54135 √ 10520 √ 54136 √ 10521 54137 √ 10522 √ 50233 10523 √ 50234 10524 √...
  10. J

    Collate all data from Ticket Numbers in Row A

    Hi, I have a report which has ticket numbers details in column A and then the details in B to N. This is the user, description etc. Column A has multiple instances of the same ticket number where the ticket was updated and I want to take any information in the other columns and put it together...
  11. I

    Collate selective columns from multiple workbooks

    Hi All, I have 18 different workbooks saved in 1 folder (Workbook 1, Workbook 2, Workbook 3 etc) with the same worksheet names (Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3 and Sheet 4), in all the 18 workbooks. I need to collate the data in Sheet 2 of all the 18 workbooks Sheet 2 of all the 18 workbooks has...
  12. R

    VBA Paste Special and finding the next empty row

    I'm trying to create a master spreadsheet that collates worker timesheets from 100+ workers, onto a single master spreadsheet(pasted to 1 sheet, not to separate sheets). I've managed to get it to the point(with a jigsaw of borrowed code), where the timesheets do paste in to the one master...
  13. D

    Macro to collate data from multiple excel files

    Hello everyone, I am having the below requirement for developing a macro. 1) I have a standard template that will be circulated to ~100 users. Will be receiving the filled template from users every week. 2) I will keep collate all the received files in a folder. (Lets say folder name = Week-1...
  14. C

    collating data, minimum interval

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping I am not repeating a previous question (I did try to check). I am trying to collate data from multiple sheets based on the minimum interval with a key identifying field. I think this is best demonstrated with the example below: <tbody> sheet 1 ID attribute 1 attribute...
  15. M

    Pulling out specific dates

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet (Excel 2010) to manage various project steps and deadlines. The workbook consists of separate worksheets, one for each project, consisting of a very simple 'To Do' column and 'Deadline' column. What I would really like to do is have an additional worksheet that pulls...
  16. X

    Looking up values using multiple conditions

    Hello everyone, I am trying to compile an audit sheet in which I am collating individual spreadsheets from different auditors in a pre-defined format. The "Main" tab in my attachment shows how I want the final output to look like, and the "Audit Sheet" tab contains the data that will be provided...
  17. R

    Create forms then have a masterfile that collates all data in the form distributed

    Hey there. First of all i apologize in advance for starting a new thread. Here's what i need help in... I will create a form that I will email to a few people. When they answer the form and mail it back to me, the data will be collected in one master file. I need help. Thanks a lot in advance!
  18. A

    addresses collate

    hi i have around 5000 addresses of individuals. the thing is that there are different files and collating is a problem since there are chances it might overlap. Q: how do i collate all names together and erase the over lapping names/details?
  19. 1

    How to move data from one cell into a different column but have the associated data attached follow.

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Smith Jen Breakout_Session_1 I can read with my eyes smith Jen Breakout_Session_2 Wedo smith Jen Breakout_Session_3 App Safari Black Kay Breakout_Session_1 Multimodal Magic Black Kay Breakout_Session_2 Digital Pets Black Kay...
  20. arnabmit

    Collate data from Multiple Excel Files

    Hi, Am an amateur in VBA. I need a Macro which will collate value of cells (not formulas) from specific cells in each excel files in a folder, and then collate them in a separate excel file. I have put together a code from bits and pieces from my earlier practice projects, however, as expected...

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