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    1st post. sheet upload and cell value change question

    Hello, I am new to VBA. i am needing help uploading a workbook sheet from different workbook file. Im learning VBA from one of my bosses and need some help completing his next project for me. i dont know how to upload a sheet to start the project and could figure out the rest of the project...
  2. G

    Urgent help needed!

    Here is an example of what I want to do. This is what the data would look like: DATE RATE1 DATE RATE2 DATE RATE3 1/06__ 3___ 1/06__ 4___ 1/06__...
  3. X

    Auto resize specific collumns

    i want to make collumns 1-14 And 16-32 To Automatically resize to fit in any additional text added (E.G. collumn 17 currently has 144 in most collumns, but am wanting to change one to 1475963 which will not all be shown in that cell, I want to cell to automatically enlarge to beable to show it...

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