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    Code Stopped Working

    My code referring to the colour of the trendline has stopped working. It was previously working fine, but now threndline is white. Sub AddDeals() ' ' AddDeals Macro Dim Wkb As Excel.Workbook Dim ws As Sheets Set Wkb = ThisWorkbook Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets ws_count =...
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    Change Cell Color Based on Color Index and Value

    Hi all, I could use a hand with this one. I have tested this on a single cell and it works great, however, I want to apply this to an entire sheet. ie Range(A1:BP65). With that said, A1 on the code is set as Today() and the intent is to run the code to determine what cells are passed due. I...
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    Select cells and then run a macro to lighten/darken the interior colour of all cells

    I have a table of data which has quite afew columns. I find it easier to read the columns if each row is a slightly different colour, (white and a very light grey is my normal preference). Now, the table I have at present is one I have inherited. Some of the columns are coloured light yellow...
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    If statement dealing with color background

    I am trying to write an If statement that would search a column for cells that have red as a background color, and if they did, would mark the cell with an X. Does anyone know a formula I can use to accomplish this? Thanks!
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    Run code when formula updates.

    I am using this code to update the cell color in F4:F3000 base on the corresponding value in each case, however because I am using a formula to update the cells containing each case this operation is not functioning only the formula is updating, not the actual value in E4:E3000. Is it possible...
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    Trying to input an offset.

    Here is the code I am using to select a value and change the color of the target, however the target I want to change the color of is the cell immediately to the right of the select case value. For example, if the cell value in A1 is equal to cake, then B1 needs the cell color to change...
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    Multi color text in single cell - vb macro

    I am using a macro and worksheet, found on the form and changing it to fit my needs, that takes a list of dates and creates a calender. There are multiple events on a single date (or Cell) I want to format the text of individual events to be color coded based on a value. Here is the code I am...

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