1. NewOrderFac33

    Determining RGB values of each item in the Standard Color Palette

    Good afternoon, Nice for for somebody for a Friday afternoon! :-) I know how to use the 56 .ColorIndex values, and how to set an interior or font color to an RGB value, but does anyone know of a quick way to return the RGB value of each element in the Standard Color Palette (Excel 2016) to a...
  2. B

    Can I base VBA\Formula off of conditional formatted cell?

    I have a column that looks for duplicates, and makes them fill color and font color red. What I would like to do if possible is in another column look at conditional formatted column and return text\values or anything that has a duplicated cell which is fill color red and font color red. Is...
  3. D

    Conditional formatting transparent color

    Hi, Is there a way to use a transparent conditional formatting to put a "shade" over cells with true? The result i'm looking for is let's say a cell has already been manually highlighted with a specific color, if the conditional formatting is true, than a color with transparency will be shown...
  4. R

    Required Field Check > Based On Color Index

    Hello - Thank you for any help in advance. I'm still trying to learn VBA and have been trying to figure this out for a while - and need some help. I am trying to make certain fields required before the user can access the print button I created using the form tools on a specific worksheet. To...
  5. T

    Color code every other group of cells

    I need to color code a group of cells every time a value changes. For example, in column A, I have the word Truck in the first 5 cells, then the word Horse in the next 5 cells, then the word Plane in the next 8 cells, etc. I need a formula to color cod each group of cells whenever the value...
  6. H

    auto color each tab when a macro is active

    The below code will allow me to type the number of times to copy a sheet. Dim I As Long Dim xNumber As Integer Dim xName As String Dim xActiveSheet As Worksheet On Error Resume Next Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set xActiveSheet = ActiveSheet xNumber =...
  7. R

    Conditional formula

    I need a formula for conditional formatting that will color a font based on the condition that compares the value in H12 through S12 to the value in H13 through S13. If line 12 is of lesser value than 12, color the font red. thanks in advance
  8. ChuckDrago

    Selecting, coloring and defining a range

    Hi everyone, For an app under development, I need the user to: 1) Select a range of rows within a single column (say, A5:A15) 2) Color the background of the selected range. 3) Click on a button that opens a UserForm where the selected range is shown ( e.g. within a text box in the UDF, labeled...
  9. W

    Highlight active cell or selection but restore previous fill color

    Hi guys, I found this VBA code (here: <code class="vb keyword">Sub</code> <code class="vb plain">Workbook_SheetSelectionChange(</code><code class="vb keyword">ByVal</code> <code class="vb plain">Sh </code><code...
  10. M

    Alter tabs colours on a shared workbook work around

    Hi all, is there a work around for coloring a tab in a shared workbook. i have a workbook which myself and another share for my supplier accounts and the tabs are colored depending on if they need to be actioned. i update them by coloring the tabs Red, Orange & Green on the tabs themselves and...
  11. A

    Formatting Cells

    I have the current VBA code below: Range("N82:S82").Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select With Selection.Interior .Pattern = xlSolid .PatternColorIndex = xlAutomatic .ThemeColor = xlThemeColorAccent4 .TintAndShade = 0.399975585192419...
  12. S

    Multiple CountIfs

    I have a large spreadsheet (to ER3500) and need to count specific columns with non-blank cells across the rows. I have tried several CountIf and CountIfs, but I can't get there. A sample spreadsheet is below. I want the total number of rows which have data in the Account, Color, and Response...
  13. J

    Color every second Row

    Hi Is it possible to create a code that color every second Row with e.g. RGB: 221, 235,247 Two pages in the Workbook, "Data" and "FrontPage", should not be colored. The size ofthe Range on the sheets to be colored can vary in number of rows Range to be colored always starts at "A7" Regards Jorgen
  14. P

    Need a red up arrow for Increased

    Looks like Excel's conditional formatting only has a green arrow up, but I need something to indicate increase cost, by using Red Arrow. I've tried the Char and UNICode and some give me those arrows, but there is no way to color code them? Any thoughts would be appreciated! I am just using a...
  15. charlesstricklin

    Calculate date given current number of days in advance

    I'm not able to calculate the date (accurately) I should run out of an item using the formula: <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Lucida Grande'; color: #000000}span.s1 {color: #003ecc}span.s2 {color: #005109}</style>=TODAY()+N2 where the values in...
  16. T

    Excel “no fill”macro

    I am looking for macro which will solve my issue. I have planning of machines per days, but on top of that I would like to have "overview" per machines (if there is no color fill in machine capacity planning then that means it's available for planning, otherwise is at machine planning is fill...
  17. D

    Change multiple cells color based on cell value

    I've built a financial modeling stencil that is used for underwriting. The stencil has tables, charts, and exhibits that are imported into the finished word doc. We use the stencil for multiple clients with varying color schemes. I'd like the background colors of specific cells through out the...
  18. A

    Color of the cell triggers the conditional formatting

    How can i set up the conditional formatting based on the color of the cell rather than the numbers . Thank you for answering
  19. A

    Change Color of Range After Data Have Been Posted

    Hello. I am wondering if it's possible to have conditional formatting work to change the color of a range of data after an elapsed period of time. For example, I want to be able to paste data into cells in Excel. Then, after 30 seconds, the cells that I just posted to will change from no...
  20. L

    Select cell before different cell color

    Hello, I'm looking for a formula to that would select the cell value right before a cell color change. For example, assume the cell containing the number 300 below was blue, and the 100 and 200 cell are white, how would i write a formula that would highlight all of the numbers (100,200,300) but...

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