coloring a cell

  1. R

    searching by fill color

    Hi I want to write VB code for an excel SS that searches for fill color and then performs an action based on that. For instance, if the fill color is red, delete the cell or empty it I use this code for coloring my cells: With Sheet1.Range(Cells(xx, yy), Cells(xx + 1, yy)).Interior...
  2. E

    VBA working while editing a cell?

    Hello everyone, I made a VBA script for coloring my text selection while editing a cell (in order not to color all the text) with shotcuts, but it does not seen to work. So I changed my code to showing a message box instead, but it does not work either. So my question is, does anyone know if...
  3. andrewb90

    Highlighting cells based on contents

    I am looking for a formula to use in the conditional formatting to change a few cells background color based on the contents of a single cell. I am hoping to take data from say cells D2,4,6,810,12...etc and find the three largest totals and have the row they are in highlight. Anybody have ideas...
  4. R

    odd numbers

    I have a large table in which I have three columns of numbers. I only use even numbers so I need a formula for my conditional formatting to look for any odd numbers in these columns and turn the cell red when it finds one. Can you suggest anything?

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