1. H

    Save and restore Date Filters in vba

    Hi all, I am trying to save filters so I can restore later and the logic that sets my criteria1 value fails with "1004 application or object defined runtime error" when the filtered column is a date. Has anyone figured a way to do this when dealing with dates? I also have a problem...
  2. L

    Modify Index Small Row Formula to summarize all Rows

    Looking for help in the following: Trying to move data in multiple rows in tab "Colors" to one row on "Summary" tab. Colors tab looks like this: A B C D 1 Red 1 2 2 Red 10 11 15 3 Red 23 150 256 4 Blue 5 6...
  3. R

    Remove ONLY Yellow Cell Color

    I have a search sub that highlights the area with yellow cell color. I remove it with the sub below. Can I remove ONLY the yellow cell color and leave all other colors there? Thanks Sub Remove_Color() Sheet4.Cells.Interior.Color = xlNone End Sub
  4. C

    Force stop automatic color variance in charts

    Hi, We are trying to create a color theme to restrict the colors Excel to just our branded colors. I know how to change the first 6 colors in a series, but I don't know how to get Excel to stop auto formatting the rest of the colors and just force it to use our branded colors instead. I was...
  5. R

    Urgent Help Needed

    I was working when all of a sudden my entire workbook turned grey, including the headers, toolbars, etc. Everything is still functional, but I can no longer use conditional formatting because there are no colors. (I can use the buttons and functionality, just can't see any colors anywhere.) My...
  6. C

    Can excel recognize colors?

    Can Excel recognize colors?
  7. Chris Macro

    VBA to get ThemeColor from a Bar Chart

    I am trying to figure out how to retrieve the theme color property from a bar chart. If I select a Bar Chart that has a fill color associated with a theme color and execute the following code: Selection.Format.Fill.ForeColor.ObjectThemeColor it returns a value of 0 (aka msoNotThemeColor)...
  8. R

    Alternating Row Colors

    Currently my sheet uses alternating colored row. However when I insert a row and then resort my alternating colors break. Is there a code that will make this happen automatically, no matter how many rows I may insert. It is a list of names address's and phone numbers so I add 1 or 2 at a time...
  9. W

    Implementing color schemes in my project

    Hi All, I have a rather big vba project that is used by multiple users. The different worksheets and userforms all have a uniform look and feel. Used colors are defined by RGB values. In my current code, the used colors are hard coded. For instance, the background of each userform is set...
  10. C

    How to count and sum "Condtional formatting" cells by color ?

    Hello ! Is there any functional code (or other approach) which can count and sum all cells by "Conditional formatted" colors, on one sheet, and that the generated result is linked through common formulas? That can be updated/refreshed/run code during the work process as a complete overview...
  11. S

    Give color to sheets?

    is there any way to give colors for new sheets with macro?
  12. V

    Auto suggest and fill

    Hello Forum Members, I need some help how to get an order form prepared. I have a worksheet full of data. In column A all the product names, col B has all the colors for each product available, col C has all the variations. Each on different row. I want to have another sheet where I could start...
  13. M

    Setting Theme Colors based on RGB Values in the active workbook

    I'm having trouble finding a solution to this problem. Basically, I build a bunch of workbooks for colleges and I like to have the colors match the school colors as much as I can. I can make themes for each school, but eventually I lock off a bunch of formatting functionality, so the end result...
  14. D

    Changing colors

    I am running Excel 2016 with the latest updates, as is everyone else in my office. I created a spreadsheet for another engineer that will automatically calculate payment penalties for asphalt that does not meet the contract specifications per Michigan DOT standards. All of the macros and...
  15. D

    2016 Excel and Page Layout view issues

    All our computers in the office currently run Excel 2016 on several different types of computers (Dells & HP's), however all operate with Windows 10. In the last few days each computer is experiencing problems with page layout view. It seems to be focused around conditional formatting using...
  16. H

    Calculating W/L - multiple tracks

    Hi, all, Trying to find a way to explain what I need so bear with me. My daughter and I have setup 2 marble tracks. We have 5 sets of colors marbles and we want to have mini tournaments (seasons) racing the 5 different colors over 2 tracks. It is very easy to calculate the W/L as a total...
  17. N

    Cells fill color apparently disappears (only on pre-existing files)

    Hello everybody, this is new! You know, sometimes Excel feels a little nostalgia of those moments when he drives you nuts, and decides to reiterate. What about this time? Since yesterday he decided to not to show cells fill color anymore, but! • Only if you open pre-existing Excel files. If...
  18. D

    Maintain the same chart colors for a Vendor when selecting different slicers?

    Hi I would like to keep the same chart colors when using slicers depending on the brand vendor. However, let's assume my chart has 4 vendors Vendor A - green bar Vendor B - blue bar Vendor C - yellow bar Vendor D - red bar If I pick the four vendors it will show the colors mentioned above...
  19. Z

    4096 Colors

    Excel can display 16,777,216 colors. 4,096 squared. How would I go about writing a macro that would show every 4,096th color?
  20. djl0525

    Need code to edit text

    I need a macro to: - Remove the numbers for number bulleted items - Remove the letters for alpha bulleted items - Insert two line breaks after each sentence - Replace → with [space]>[space] - Remove [space]▼ (replace with nothing) There can be as many as 20 bullets; they can go beyond E and 7...

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