1. N

    Conditional formatting

    HI, Newbie here, have formatted a table to grey out rows based on a condition on a column, but it has overridden my rag colouring, can anyone help? I have the if = to AR then format then this is for the lines - =$R10="Yes"

    auto colour on search?`

    Hi all i just wanna know is it possible to have a vb script or macro that will enable me to do a search for say a number where the number will be in column A on sheet 1 and then when the number is found that whole row will be coloured in say yellow or something? i work with these bloody long...
  3. ClimoC

    I don't think I'm doing thsi right. VBA to colour rows

    Hey everybody I have a large schedule where each row is sorted by the First date (already doing/done) but as there is a lot of data, we want to be able to colour the cell rows for each sequential date on the schedule. So the first row starts at 6, the column with the date in question is "G"...

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