1. B

    nested sumproduct + offset

    I'm trying to understand how the offset() , n() , and offset() functions are used here to adjusted the sumproduct range. I've created a table below to show the spreadsheet. The formula in cell D3 is applied across the row D3=+SUMPRODUCT(N(OFFSET($B$2:C2,,C1-COLUMN($B$2:C2)+2)),$C$6:D6)...
  2. J

    Column() convert to letter (A1 notation)

    Is there a way to get the column letter (in A1 notation) of the active cell, as opposed to its number (from R1C1 notation). =ADDRESS(5,10,4 ) returns row and col in A1 notation, but getting just col is a parse job My sources of column number (R1C1) Formula: =Column() Code: MsgBOx("active...
  3. L

    Issue with multiple conditions and column()

    Hello, I am using the following array formula (confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER), the result of which will be used in another OFFSET() formula. The formula is intented to return a column number based on two conditions. However, the formula always return 0...
  4. 3

    Column() Function Leading To #VALUE! Error

    Unfortunately, I'm at my work computer at the moment, and am not able to copy the sheet over, but I will try to describe the issue here. At work, I use Excel 2003. I have a formula that essentially mimics the 2007 SumIfs function, while calling a range from a different sheet. In order to make...

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