column formula copying

  1. K

    Column formating

    I am using excel 2007 I need to format a column that calculates the difference in military time. I have the time calc formula, I need to format the entire column to preform the formula. I currently need to stretch the column's cells down the column and this has proven problematic with...
  2. J

    Sorting Citynames from an Entire Column

    Dear Excel expert, I have a whole column filled with information like the following example: G1:0 G2:0 G3:0 G4:Amsterdam G5:0 G6:0 G7:0 G8:Groningen ... etc. The whole column is filled with zero's and citynames in fixed sequential order. I want to filter the Zero's out in a different column...
  3. K

    Formula for copying a column of cells into another sheet

    Hi there, I'm very new to Excel, and I'm having trouble figuring a few things out. Hopefully this will be very easy for you guys! In Sheet 1, I have a column of cells that I would like to also appear in Sheet 2. If I add a new row to the column in Sheet 1, I would also like it to be updated...

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