column lookup

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    Lookup Column & Count Values in that Column

    Hello All, I have a drop down that lists the column headers on a sheet "MyData". I need to use the value in the drop down to find the column on sheet "MyData" and then use a countifs() function in that column. I am able to find the column number using this: E4 - Drop down value...
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    Look up name in column return info next cell over

    I am looking for a formula to search a column for a name then when found give me the data the cell next to it. Example: <tbody> A B 1 Name Age 2 Tim 18 3 Kelly 22 4 Josh 19 </tbody> Search Column A for Kelly it finds it ins A3 but the result returned is from...
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    Dynamic Column lookup and value insertion

    Hello, I have a question I'm hoping someone can give me an answer to. I have a worksheet with column headings. What i want to do is after selecting some values in a different column and clicking a command button, it finds the column with a specified "target string" and then inserts a value in...

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