1. K

    Value in column B corresponding to column A listed in column c separated by a comma

    Looking to list out all values for Column B that correspond to column A listed out in Column C at change in value of column A separated by a comma <tbody> Column A Column B Column C 100001 35 100001 64 100001 45 100002 64 100002 72 100002 74 100002 68 100002 59 </tbody>...
  2. T

    Greater than / less than when in a table.

    So, I'm pretty much a noob at Excel and this will probably be one of those kinds of questions, but here goes. I have a table with the first two columns being 1 hour increment markers (staggered +1hr), labeled T1 and T2. the next column will be a set of COUNTIFS functions asking if a set of...
  3. C

    Vlookup Indirect and Match function error

    Hi all, I would like the formula to find the pricing across multiple tabs and the problem is the pricing column. The pricing column is situated on a different column letter on each tab. Would it be possible to replace the 1 from the formula to a match function? like the formula below...
  4. P

    Need to calculate Average of first 5 non-zero cells in a ROW

    In this example, each score is entered for only the players that played this week leaving lots of blank cells. A new column is added each week between Column D(Hidden) and E. I did this so the arrays in formulas will automatically update when a column is inserted inside the array. In Column...
  5. R

    auto insert date

    i would like to get date automatically inserted in column J whenever I enter text into column A for all rows, i tried using the toady function but after a few days it refreshes to current date and not the date when i entered the text
  6. S

    Moving around the screen

    Hi all I have a data validation box in cell b2 with the following options, Q4-19, Q1-20, Q2-20. Columns a:c are locked data for Q4-19 starts in column d to p data for Q1-20 starts in column q to ac data for Q2-20 starts in column ad to ap Based on the data validation selection I want the...
  7. T

    Split and change text

    I have a list of codes like this in column B: BC SB2 C08 illus brief BC SB2 C10 illus brief BC SB3 C11 illus brief BC SB2 C09 tech 1pf BC SB2 C11 tech brief AB SB2 C12 tech brief AB RT3 C01 tech brief AB SB3 C11 tech brief AB RT6 C06 illus brief ON SB6 C06 illus 2pf ON SB6 C07 illus 3pf ON SB6...
  8. R

    Power Query - Re-merge a column

    I am pretty new to Power Query so please be gentle! I have a table with 2 column's from a database. The first column is a Parent recipe, the second column is a Child recipe. Recipes will be found in both columns so no unique records. Example: PR CR A B C B D C E...
  9. S

    Formula help - pivot table did not solve my problem

    I have a list of managers (column A), a list of departments that are assigned to these managers (the amount varies) (column B), the final column contains the amount/values of employees in each dept (column C). The purpose of the list is to distribute it to 6 different people. I need 6 different...
  10. H

    Complex Excel Vlookup or Other Solutions Welcome

    Hello, I am trying to create a solution to point out employees on a spreadsheet that need to be researched for hours processing. When they have over 40 hours they go on a spreadsheet we have to look at their worked location and hours columns. I was thinking either a Vlookup or maybe even a...
  11. G

    cell change on another sheet

    Hi, I have a workbook with numerous worksheets ranging from 1 - 30. Sheet 1 contains stock levels for each item within column K Staff enter info on the specific client sheets (sheet 2 - 30) which then deducts the stock ordered from sheet 1. (ie so if a client on sheet 3 orders 10 units of an...
  12. B

    Formulas displaying as text. Show Formulas NOT turned on. Fast fix for entire column?

    I've got a bunch of formulas displaying as text, instead of showing the value of the formula- "Show Formulas" is NOT turned on! I know the fix for a single cell is to click into the cell and hit the "Enter" key. is there a fix for an entire column, or range of cells? thx!
  13. S

    Column to row

    Hello fellows, I have a table of 2 columns “unique code” and “email” ,so the case is that one code could have many emails, so i want show all emails for specific code at one row.. Thank U
  14. L

    Insert Rows

    I am looking for a quick VBA solution. I have a range of numbers (not consecutive) in one column, 881 to be exact. I need to insert 146 blank rows in between each number, then move to the next number in the same column and then insert 146 more blank rows, until I reach the end. Does anyone...
  15. E

    MIN MAX AND AVERAGE - Excluding Zero value

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help please. I need to find the min, average and max values from a column in excel. However, I need to exclude any "0" values, and to save be changing the range I need to also find the average based on a set criteria. So, like an average value in one column, but...
  16. reneev

    Pivot Table vs. CountIF

    I have a rather large HR survey that I have to do quarterly which counts certain positions by Full Time/Part Time/Per Diem status. This survey counts these by: headcount, new hires, voluntary/involuntary terminations. Before I came along, it was all done manually. I eventually turned it into...
  17. P

    Excel Weekday Function Issue

    I have an issue (or lack of understanding) of the Weekday function (Excel O365) Formula in Column B is =weekday(Col A,2) cell in column B formatted as general Formula in Column C is =weekday(Col A,2) cell in Column C is formatted as ddd Column A Column B Column C...
  18. S

    Auto column width adjustment

    Hi, Due to the fixed column width the figure more than width is showing ###### and need to double click to see the figures, how column adjust itself automatically ? <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> </tbody>
  19. D

    Looking to improve efficiency of code

    The following code was taken from a macro I have been working on .... most of which is due to the help of people within this Forum... so thank you. Unfortunately, it takes over 60 seconds to run. I can't blame those who helped me in the past because I never conveyed the entire scope of the...

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