combination functions

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    Combining Nested IF functions

    I have a spreadsheet that allows the user to input different employee/bonus combinations and based on the combination, I have assigned a number 1-4. For instance: A = 1 A+B = 2 A+C = 3 A*B = 4 I created a large nested IF statement to account for every combination, but I have two combinations...
  2. R

    Combining INDEX formulas

    I have a workbook where I am importing data from 2 external reports (CSV to Excel format), and I have to find matches between both reports to determine matching criteria. Once I have this match completed I am pulling the results into another worksheet (all same workbook), for displaying in a...
  3. M

    Calculate Value Based On Combination Of Other Numbers

    Good afternoon whizzy Excel people, I wonder if anyone can help me solve a problem that I'm trying to come up with a formula for, I'm usually pretty good at this sort of thing but this one is eluding me, no doubt someone out there has a simple answer using a function I haven't come across yet...
  4. L

    VBA Code for combining data from 100's of Spreadsheets in to one base on Various Positions

    I have a report that has individual data set up in form format, however, I want to pull the information from each of the worksheet into a data minable spreadsheet without having to reformatted each individual spreadsheet. Is this possible. I have attached an example. As you can see it is not...
  5. D

    Help- Make neg values = 0 in existing equation

    Hi all, I have an existing cell formula : =ROUNDUP(L8-K8,4) I need to add a function so that if the value returned is a negative number, it equals "0". Not sure if i should combine in an "IF" statement or what... Thank you!
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    Using formula how to extract data depending on two values

    Dear Experts! Relatively I am new to this forum, when I say relatively, I have been using this forum just to search and get answers for all my excel related queries for almost 6 years now and haven't posted anything or even registered. Thanks to all the experts who have helped me so for! The...
  7. J

    Excel if statement "nesting"

    hi Guys, I want to combine below 2 formula in one. importantly: 1st condition should be first checked & then second. conditions: =IF(L27="200", "Delivery") if false then =IF((O27="Chairs")*AND(L27="2"),"30 days time","") thanks,
  8. T

    How to display possible n combinations totaling x?

    I was hoping to find a thread on this somewhere, but after a few hours of looking around without success, I decided to just post it here and hoping someone can help me out. I'm trying to display the total number of possible scenarios for my fantasy baseball auction draft. Here are the details...
  9. D

    Multiple Function same formula

    I wonder if anyone can help with this. I now know that + is actually equates to OR. I am trying to write an argument that states... Cell A1 AND B1:B4>=3,"Advance"...

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