combine columns

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    VBA Combining Data and Create Pivot

    Hello Gurus, Hope you are doing well despite the pandemic. I was wondering if you have any idea on how to code this: 1. I have a worksheet with 5 tabs or more (may vary). The headers are same (see below): Number Name Sales Div Data Note 1 Sam SA 100 2 Amy FA 90 2. I want to create...
  2. S

    Compare and combine two columns

    How do I compare and combine two columns? Column A has a list of business email addresses. Column B has a list of personal email addresses. I want to compare column A and B and put in column C the value from column A if they match. If they do not match, put into column C what is contained...
  3. C

    Combine lists with similar headers

    I have a spreadsheet with hundreds of lists that each have a header and vary in length. The headers all follow a similar format (ABCD 123AB) and I want all columns for which the headers share the first 8 characters (including the space) to be combined into a single column with the header being...
  4. B

    Combine Columns

    I have a spreadsheet where I need to combine 9 columns. These columns contain words, not data. All 9 columns need to be combined into one column so I can upload to my CRM system. Some columns contain information, some do not and are left blank. I can combine the rows using CONCATENATE but here's...
  5. B

    Combine columns of data

    I have 4 columns that need to be combined into 3 new columns Product,revenue,product,cost into a combined product, revenue, cost. The product data does not always have both cost and revenue so a zero will have to be added if product has only one. A $1 A .5 B $2 C .2 D $3 Result A $1 .5...
  6. J

    Macro to combine multiple columns into one (list of names, values, description)

    Hi I have a sheet set up as shown below: A B C D E Names Amount Description Amount Description John 500 Nov Statement Mary 1200 Nov Statement 200 Dec Statement...
  7. J

    Combining data in columns

    Hi, Need to combine data from multiple columns together witha comma between each column. The formula I have is =AB4&", "&AC4&", "&AD4&", "&AE4 The creates a result for the first line of Apple, Pear, Grape, Banana however not all columns have all 4 columns populated, the data does move...
  8. H

    Multiple columns into 1 column

    I have a sheet with multiple columns they are of varying rows: <tbody> A B C D E F G 1 Header 2 Reading Number Date Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 3 Channel 4 Channel 5 3 1 09/08/2015 1 4 2 09/08/2015 3 5 3 09/08/2015 0 6 4 10/08/2015 1 7 5 10/08/2015 3...
  9. S

    macro to combine product and sales

    I am looking for a macro to combine my Stock #'s in column D along with the information in columns A,B,C and E. Along with that when column D is combined I need to add the sales totals in columns F, G and H so I have the totals of all those columns combined. I have 7000 lines of data to combine.
  10. L

    Question on Columns!!

    Good Afternoon everyone! Had a quick questions on column combinations. I'm working with a table of serial numbers, and wanted to merge Column C with Column B without breaking the previous data association. Here's a screenshot of what I'm working with: Would love to combine Columns B & C...
  11. L

    Merging Columns in a Table

    Good Morning Excel Gurus! Currently I'm working on creating a master inventory spreadsheet. I have a table with computer names associated with ports, location, etc. I want to merge another computer name column with my 1st column WHILE preserving the data (ports, location, etc.) The ideal...
  12. J

    Vba code to combine 2 columns into a new column

    Hey guys I have been trying to find a code that does what i want it to. I need to combine 2 columns into 1 new column and add text in between the two inputs. Probably not explaining too well so i have post pictures below showing what i am looking for. Before AFTER I need it to make a new...
  13. E

    Add a line below if a cell is not blank

    I am trying to stack the values of a chart into a single column. So my data looks like this: -------A--------B 1 Value1 Value2 2 Value3 3 Value4 4 Value5 Value6 5 Value7 If cell 1B does not = 0 I want to add a line between line 1 and 2 (I'll call that line "11") and take Value2 and paste it...
  14. H

    Some way of combining and consoladating data

    Hi, I have a data that is in many seperate worksheets (150+) which i need to combine to make a database in one sheet (the seperate sheets are just from different dates samples were taken). What i wanted to ask the forum is the best way of doing this. The problem i have is through column and...
  15. M

    How to put many columns into one single colulm sorted by the first to last coloum

    Hello im new here and new into VB coding! here is a picture what i want to do Basiclly im looking for a for a fuction that selects the left side (raw data all cells and columns) and order them into a single column. I got a function like this but this is not perfect... The ranged selection...

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