combining workbooks

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    VBA for Combining 1st sheet of every workbook in folder into one master-sheet of new workbook

    Greetings, I will get directly to the point. *What I Have. 1)-I have one folder which contains multiple excel workbooks. All of them are in .xlsx format. 2) Each workbooks has multiple worksheets 3)The important sheet for me is the first one of each workbook, which has a dynamic name i.e. the...
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    Mirroring sheets/Combining workbooks

    I am working in a construction company, and i have two excel workbooks one of them is for labor recruitment and the other is for staff recruitment. the company is working on 5 construction projects (A,B,C,D,E). each work book has the information of each candidate in the whole company depending...
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    Not Enough Memory - Remove Rows Containing Blank Values in Specified Column From All Open Workbooks

    I have been using a macro to pull together worksheets from all open workbooks into a single sheet discussed here: Combining All Open Workbooks into Single Worksheet I then have another macro I have been using that removes a row if there is no value within a specified column shown here: Sub...
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    Need to Pull Data from Named Ranges in Separate Workbooks

    I have several workbooks in a folder. Each has a transaction worksheet and a summary worksheet. The number of rows of data in each summary sheet differ from workbook to workbook but all fall within a dynamic range having the name "AData". I would like to consolidate those summary records into a...

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