combo box vba

  1. I

    Search for ALL records in a form

    Hi everyone, I've been looking all over the internet to get my form displayed all records when a selection is made from a Combo Box, however, I haven't found the solution. Below is the table "tblCap_NDT" which I used to create form "frmCap_NDT": <tbody> Company Name NDT A Radiographic B...
  2. M

    Active X Combo Box moves when the drop down arrow is selected

    I have an Active X combo box in a spreadsheet. When you click the drop down arrow on the right, the whole combo box moves a few millimetres to the right and down. You then have to re-select the drop down arrow to select one of the data items. Any idea why the Combo Box moves when selected...
  3. V

    Dependent ComboBox VBA Question

    Afternoon everyone, Im currently using vba to connect two comboboxes in excel. The code is doing what it is supposed to; however, it is still giving me an error code and i cannot wrap my head around it. Private Sub cboSupplier_Change() Dim r As Integer r = 2 Range("M2") = cboSupplier.Value...
  4. R

    Getting at both values of a Combobox using the name property

    I have a class file that stores each control for a series of userform comboboxes and textboxes Class module: materialField Option Explicit Private fieldName As String Private fieldValue As Variant Private fieldValue2 As String Property Get Name() As String Name = fieldName End...
  5. F

    Copying Combo Boxes on table

    Hi all! I have made a table that will be used for scheduling purposes, I have combo boxes that will be used to choose the clients name & select a time & have vlook up formulas to enter their information below. My issue is that I would like to replicate my combo boxes all through out the table's...
  6. W

    Combo box row source in VBA

    Hi, I need some help regarding combo box in VBA. In my userform, i have three fields, 1.combo box; 2&3 (Combo box and label field). By default, in user initialize, field 2 &3 are invisible 1. Combo box have two items : yes and No 2. if we select yes from combo box, then another text box and...
  7. K

    Drop Down Combo box and tabbing

    I have a dropdown Combo box, and figured out how to tab from the combo box to next cell. Now, the last piece of the puzzle to make my file perfect, is that, when I open the file, the cursor will automatically be in the combo box, since it is my first cell. Ideas?? I can attach my file if someone...
  8. M

    Related combobox in Vba with formula

    Dear friends I have two combobox in one userforms. I want to show data in combobox2 based data on combobox1 and inversely(Vice versa) if it is possible. I have data on sheet1. I can linked this comboboxes to cells (B2 for Combobox1 and C2 for Combobox2), but I don't know how to show list of data...
  9. Q

    Active X Combobox Dropdown Issues

    I currently have 2 separate comboboxes pointing to separate named lists. I added some vba to create an autocomplete dropdown. The code points to the correct combobox and references the correct list for each combobox. My problem is that when I type in the first one, select a value from the...
  10. D

    using one combo box to auto fill others!

    Hi Sorry if this question has already been asked I've spent several hours searching and not found what i need. I'm looking for the vba code to use to auto fill other combo boxes when the correct data is selected in one of the other combo boxes on a userform. this is what i would like to...
  11. K

    How do i retrieve the values from a combo box control using VBA?

    I have a user form where the user must type in a new value into the combobox control on the form. I want to be able to validate the entry to make sure it doesn't already exist in the list. There is a add button that adds the new value to the list So I'm trying to add code behind the 'add'...
  12. Z

    VBA - Autofill Combo boxes based on option button choice

    Hi all! I'm pretty new to VBA and was wondering if anyone could help me out with a problem I'm having! I've got two choices that have been defined in my combo boxes, L and R. I've got quite a few combo boxes so instead of going through every combo box and selecting the same option, for the...
  13. P

    force data entry in user form

    Hi I would like to force data entry in an access userform before moving on to next record.. This is made up of mutiple textboxes and comboboxes thanks in advance
  14. B

    Dependent ComboBox

    I'm creating a dependent drop down box using ComboBoxs. I have a total of 3 boxes dependent upon the previous. I've written the below so far but it's not working. When I select the item in the 2 drop down it doesn't appear in the drop down. Or (If i take out the .clear from below) the list...
  15. M

    multiple comboboxes

    Hi, I am new in forum and I need help :) I have a word document (word 2007), with tables. I want to fill tables, using data from excel workbook (excel 2007). There will be 20 tables with 15 rows each approximately. In every row I want to add and combobox (activeX), where user can choose an mark...
  16. S

    Editing multiple Combo Boxes at once

    Hi guys I’m new to the forum. I have average excel experience and know nothing about VB J I’m using Excel 2007. Here is the issue I want to resolve. I’ve recently exceeded my abilities by adding approx 400 combo boxes to a sheet; lets call it “sheet1”; manually by copying and pasting the...
  17. A

    How to read the selected case in a Combo Box?

    Excel Friends, I have the code below, after the user makes the selection, just before running a macro in another module, please, what is the code to read the selection made by the user. I mean the VBA code to read/store in a String Variable the current content of the combo box just before...
  18. F

    how to block ComboBox

    HI, I'm using combobox to display set of data. When you choose value from ComboBox (lets say "Audi"), below on the sheet you will get all information about audi in rows: year.... color.... dors... etc I know that somehow the ComboBox can be unfortunatly deleted or moved etc. What else I can...
  19. M

    Conditionally Show/Hide ComboBox Based on Cell Value

    Hi, I'm quite new to VBA, but I am attempting to get a Forms ComboBox to appear or disappear based on whether a certain cell (P7) reads YES or NO. P7 in turn updates in turn based on a user-selected value. As of now, the ComboBox only appears or disppears if I go back in and out of the formula I...
  20. U

    How to exit from user form's Initialize

    I have two userform combo boxes, the second follows up on the results of the first. The second Combo Box looks for incomplete fields and provides them in a drop box. If the data the second Combo Box is looking at (This is different data than the first Combo Box is looking at.) is complete it...

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