1. orzik

    dropdown initialize

    Hello, I am redesigning a User form into a spreadsheet "form" controls. I used below "code 1" to dynamically populate drop-down list (combo box) with tab names as they are created with my tool (tab names i.e. tab1, tab2, tab3 etc) It was working fine on a User Form used with "Private Sub...
  2. L

    Combo box Dynamic Input Range

    A more difficult one this time. Is there a way of setting the input range on a combo box to a vale set in a cell? ie, if my current input range is A2:A40 and i then users add another 20 records to that column, i need the combo box input range to change to A2:A60, so I can leave the sheet...
  3. L

    Background colour of drop down list.

    I have several drop down lists on an excel 2007 worksheet. Is there any way to set the background colour of the box so it is not black text on white background, but black text on for example a grey background? The colours do not need to change, just be set once on this particular sheet. Any...
  4. S

    Dropdown VBA Code

    I would like to insert a combo box or dropdown into excel 2007 using VBA code in which I can select the options (i.e. not refering to cell already selected). I already know how to do this the excel tool bar but I would prefer to do it straight from VBA. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  5. S

    Cascading combos too complex

    Hello all. I'm trying to create a series of 3 cascading combo boxes using a technique I found on this board. The first combo (cbo.Areas) contains a list of "Body Areas" derived from the table of the same name (with columns: AreaID and AreaName). The second combo (cbo.Parts) lists more...

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