combobox change event

  1. T

    Combobox change event not working although code is write

    hello! I m using the below code I m sure it is right but the cell doesn't change when I choose or select an item from my Combobox how code I fix this? is it a problem in combo box properties, I guess I tried all of them too! Private Sub CB_Model_No_1_Change() Dim product As Worksheet Set...
  2. N

    ComboBox Permission Error

    I am getting "Permission Denied" error when I change the value of one of the ComboBoxes. Error happens starting on the 3rd change. I am getting error on these lines Worksheets("Settings").ComboBox1.List = Split(Left2Use, ",") Worksheets("Settings").ComboBox2.List = Split(Left2Use, ",") Full...
  3. G

    Run Macro Based On Combobox Selection

    Don't let the title confuse you, this is more complex than you think..... I have a combobox with code: (FYI this code works perfectly No Changes please) Sub UserForm_Initialize() With ComboBox2 .AddItem Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("A17").Value End With End Sub However, Imagine that there are...
  4. T

    Filter a ComboBox Using Change Event

    Hi - I've been fiddling with this for a while. Here's what I'm tying to do: Remove items from a combobox which do not match what the user types into the combobox. Worded differently, I would like the combo to act as a filter which presents matches based on any part of what the user enters. To...
  5. C

    VBA User Form Combo Boxes Dependent on a category

    Not sure if I use a list box or combo box but I want a macro to call a userform which has a list of the categories in this table. It places the major category in a cell, then another message comes up asking for the item which is dependent on the category. Say for example, if the user selects...
  6. M

    Copy/Paste Row from another workbook based on selection in a dynamic ComboBox

    I have a combobox that populates with a dynamic list of check numbers based on the employee selected in a listbox. The check number values in the combobox change each time a different employee is selected in the listbox. These check numbers are "imported" from different worksheets in another...
  7. C

    Subscript Error when using Split

    Hey all, I'm working on this code but everytime I run it, I get a subscript error on the .Value lines. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Private Sub ComboBox2_Change() Range("F3:PO3").Clear Dim SDates() As String Dim CDates As String Dim c As Range Select Case ComboBox2 Case Is =...
  8. C

    Combobox change event and workbook close/open

    I hope I can explain this properly. I have a combobox_change sub that amends two fields depending on the value of what's selected. Those fields, however, are unlocked and able to be overwritten by the user. The problem is that this change event seems to be running upon either workbook close...
  9. M

    vlookup problem for comboboxes

    Hi What is problem with this code It show error: Run time error: "-2147352571 (80020005)": Could not set the value property. Type mismatch Private Sub ComboBox1_AfterUpdate() Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Worksheets("Sheet2") Me.ComboBox2.Value =...
  10. M

    Fill combobox2 based combobox1

    Hi I want to create two combobox to both selectable and value of them fill automaticly when select value on another combobox, then I write for Combobox1: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Me.ComboBox1.List = Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("B2:B600").Value End Sub AND Private Sub...
  11. B

    Optimize Search Function

    Hi Everyone, I have been reading all this threads to put together my Userform, Now I have it and it works but it could be better, what my code does is search through orders based on a selection made in a combobox and text entered into a text box. Now it works, however it has glitched in it...
  12. L

    Combobox not emptying when it should

    Hi everyone, Im working on a Userform that has 3 textboxes and a combobox, it will be used for a warehouse so the textboxes are as following: textbox1=Part Number textbox2=Qty textbox3=Unit the combobox1= batch, the combobox populates correctly dependingon the part number the user choses, ive...
  13. C

    ComboBox Select changing values in textboxes

    I have this for exemple : <tbody> Product name Price buy Price Sell Pears 2 3 Apples 1 1.3 Potato 0.3 0.5 grapes 3 3.5 pears 2 4 </tbody> So all i need , if is possible in VBA when I m puting in up combox the product Apples, or Pears, to search in my table the product , and...
  14. J

    Event Handler for Dynamically Created Combobox

    Hi All, I have a combobox named bfPoject2 that is created programmatically as follows: Set bfProject2 = Controls.Add("Forms.ComboBox.1", bfProject2) With bfProject2 .Top = 195 .Left = 474 .Width = 180 .List = Range(Cells(2, 4), Cells(lastRowProj, 4)).Value...
  15. N

    Combo Box in User Form not retaining the value selected

    Hi, I am trying to prepare a User Form with Combo Box that will dynamically change the list as and when the user types. The problem right now is when the user selects the item from the list, Combo Box is showing blank. Below is the code it runs everything fine apart from the problem I stated...
  16. V

    Clear Dependent ComboBox

    Hi, I have created a userform with 3 dependant combobox and they work fine except when user changes value of the box. They pop up with error "Invalid Input Value”. "TeamComboBox" is 1st selection Box that determines value for "ThreadComboBox" and similarly "ThreadComboBox" determine value for...
  17. W

    Multiple ComboBox help

    Hello again, I have a Userform with two ComboBoxes. The ComboBox1, when selected shows all open excel files which the user chooses one which they want to perform the next function. ComboBox2 needs to declare what file source so the proper macro can be executed. I have ComboBox 1 and the...
  18. J

    Get variable value in userform from Class module

    I want to monitor when a value changes of several combo buttons on a user form. I have set this up using a class module to capture all the comboboxes on the userform. I have the following code in a class module called “ModComboClass”: Public WithEvents ComboGroup As MSForms.ComboBox Public Sub...
  19. V

    VBA to navigate ie and select from a combobox

    The purpose of my code is to navigate to a web page (intranet), log in, click on some links and finally reach a page where I can select "Edit" from a combobox that will then give me a popup in (java?) where I can edit the division. The combobox values seem to dynamically change based off of a...
  20. T

    Userform ComboBox based on another ComboBox

    I have a userform with 2 Combo Boxes (cbCategory and cbSubCategory). cbCategory is is populated based on the named range "categories" consisting of Income, Home, Daily Living, Transportation, Health & Recreation, Vacation, Dues & Subscriptions, Debts, Savings, and Misc. Based on the selection...

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