combobox populate

  1. J

    Userform - Combo box dependent on the entry of another Combobox

    I have been researching and have gotten close but not exactly what I need. Please help me code with the below in my first Userform. Combobox #1 - Named "ComboBoxlLocation" Combobox #2 - Named "ComboBoxCopy" Combobox #3 - Named "ComboBoxMedia" Combobox #4 - Named "ComboBoxPricing"...
  2. D

    2nd combobox fill with list based on selection from 1st combobox

    I'd like to alter what populates the second combobox depending on the selection of the first combobox. The first combobox is populated from a table range with company names. This is on a userform.(dictionary stops multiple repeats) the second combobox is created at run time and populates from a...
  3. J

    Populate combobox with sheets name

    Hi, I have a Sub which selects an Excel file by dialog box. On selecting the file, a TextBox (Besides the Browse button in Userform) displays the full path of the selected file. Now There's also a Combobox below that textbox in which I want to populate all the Sheet names which are there in the...
  4. A

    Form Automation: Populating a ComboBox during a dynamic userform build

    Hi, I have 2 workbooks. One is the macro workbook, the other a source list. the macro workbook will be used for storing header data from the source and then later, formatting the source workbook correctly. During the procedure that opens the source workbook, the macro searches for a matching...
  5. C

    Refreshing a combobox list

    Hi all I'm new here and new to VBA programing. I've created a combobox that show a list of "criteria" based on a user selection. It works the first perfectly time, but when the user select a new project which changes a cell where the combobox looks up for selecting the right list, the combobox...
  6. M

    Fill combobox2 based combobox1

    Hi I want to create two combobox to both selectable and value of them fill automaticly when select value on another combobox, then I write for Combobox1: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Me.ComboBox1.List = Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("B2:B600").Value End Sub AND Private Sub...
  7. J

    Combobox not selecting value

    I am new to VBA and working on a userform but am ready to pull my hair out with something I fear is very simple. I have a combobox (Cntrl2) that I want to populate with manager names. I have a range titled DMNames that I set as my rowsource property for the combobox. This works fine and when...
  8. L

    Populate a combobox from a variable sheet and variable range

    Hi everyone, Ive been struggling with this for 2 days now I could really use some help. I have the following problem: Ive got a sheet1 named "initial" in wich ive got a bunch of buttons that open up different userforms, before the user is able to press the buttons he must choose between 3...
  9. G

    Non-contiguouse cell filling combo box

    Hi All. I have a VBA form with comboboxes on it which I currently have looking at a range of data to populate it. All works well like that but I want to change it so that it looks at a non-contiguous range. e.g. will need to look at c5, c23, c31, c40 etc for a "y" and then look in the...
  10. N

    VBA Multi Column Dictionary Key into Combobox

    Hi, I have the below snippet of code which is creating a unique list for a combobox on a form. It works very well to provide me the unique list of values from column "U," however I would like to include the associated Values from column "M." I have read through a number of posts on this topic...
  11. G

    Cascading ComboBoxes with unique values and sum

    Hi all, I have something like the table below and I need to fill 4 comboboxes and 2 TextBoxes with these values: Combo1 = Directors level 1 Combo2 = Directors level 2 Combo3 = Company Combo4 = CostCenter TextBox1 = HeadCount JAN 2014 TextBox2 =...
  12. Prevost

    Combobox lists from public range variable

    Hi Everybody. I am trying to call a public range to use as the data source for my combobox drop down list, however I continue to receive errors. I found some code that worked by declaring the range variable within the UserFrom_Initilialize() but I can't seem to transfer it over to what I would...
  13. N

    Populate combobox based on text value in userform

    Hi I have a table with 3 columns: Products, Location and Quantity. I created a userform to add new products and the code runs fine. Still, I would like my userform to do the following: -if someone tries to add a product and that product exist in different location, I would like to view those...
  14. C

    Run time error when using ComboBox to populate textboxes

    Hi All, I having a problem with a run time error code that occurs when I attempt to copy and paste data from one worksheet to another sheet. basically I have 3 sheets 1 sheet (sheet1) is used for data entry, the op enters int various cells and textboxes by pressing a command button which...
  15. E

    Userform Listbox and combobox will not populate after first launch

    I have created a workbook with a lot of userforms which is going to be used to collect answers about software configuration from my company's customers. I use multiple list boxes and comboboxes on each userform. Yesterday, I was working on one of the userforms and I ran it to see if something...

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