1. D

    Initialize a UserForm with custom name

    Hi, I need to create a UserForm containing a ComboBox initialized with two pre-defined values. The UserForm code looks like this: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() ComboBox1.AddItem "Value_A" ComboBox1.AddItem "Value_B" End Sub If I run the code, the results are as expected ONLY if the...
  2. S

    ComboBox selected record’s all columns visible?

    Hi all, After DropButton Clicking, it shows all CoboBox’s records with columns visible, but after selecting a record from list, CoboBox shows first column’s value only, rest columns are hidden. Is there a way to show selected record’s all columns? Thank you in advance
  3. Y

    Sort out data using autofilter

    Hi experts. I currently have the following code (see below) in a worksheet I use at work. I would like to streamline the process to filter data by removing the command button to show all data and include "all" in the combobox. When "all" is selected in the combobox it should filter/show all...
  4. M

    ComboBox List Selection Issue

    Hi I have a very annoying issue that i can;t get my head around, I have a ComboBox change event that refreshes a list as its typed and reduces the options in the drop down list. Works fine BUT Once I have selected a item from the list, running any other code/macros elsewhere in the document...
  5. A

    add anew row whan fill data from userform to sheet

    hello i have userform contains combobox1,2,3 and textbox1,2,3 the sheets contains 6 columns a,b,c,d,e,f i would code to add data from userform to the next row in sheet1 the combobox 1,2,3 linked with range from a20:c20 and textbox1,2,3 linked with ranges from d20:f20 every time i fill data in...
  6. A

    transfer data from userform to sheet

    hi guys i have userform contains 35 textbox and 18 combobox i would transfer data to sheet i try make the code but it gives me error this line <tbody> </tbody> <tbody> .Cells(Lastrow, i).Value = Me.Controls("TextBox" & "combobox" & i) the error message could not find the specified object...
  7. A

    Populating combobox with named range, but only one item in range

    I'm using the following for populating a combobox list me.mn2.list = range("MFG2").value This usually works, but sometimes there are cases where that named range only has one value in it. VBA is giving me an error with this. "Run-time error 381: could not set the list property. invalid...
  8. K

    ComboBox BackColor change on value

    I have a ComboBox that I am trying to get the BackColor to change based on a selection. There are 11 ComboBoxes on the sheet. After I have gone through all the boxes and made the selections I hit the finish button which runs the VBA code. Using ActiveX ComboBox. This is the code I tried using...
  9. A

    userform combobox - autocomplete with drop down box

    has anybody got a snippet of code to make a combobox auto complete? as the user types in a name into the cbo, i would like them to be able to select from a list that drops down below the combobox.
  10. T

    How to create selection dependant comboboxs and define data source

    Hello, A forum contributer helped me create a dynamic array for 2 comboboxs which works great. Now I would like to understand how to either create a third combobox or set of third comboboxs based on the selection in box 2? Presently the first row of all columns is the title with the data below...
  11. I

    Hide combobox entry options please

    Evening, I wish to hide two entries in a combobox. Please can you advise what options are available. The two entries in question must be in the combobox BUT not shown. Deleting these two entries isnt an option
  12. P

    Find and select cell to match value from combobox

    Hello folks Stumped again.... :( I want to find and select a cell via VBA based on a text value picked from a userform combobox. The target value will be a text value in a single column which will NOT be sorted and may contain blanks. Is that doable at all? Thanks
  13. Z

    Populate a list on a userform combobox

    I'm sure this is something pretty simple for everyone but I'm having the hardest time getting it figured out. I have created a userform that has a combobox. How can I assign a list that the user can pick from when they click on it. The list is on another tab named "Employee Data" and is in...
  14. D

    Close all ComboBox dropdowns when I click a button.

    Hi, I have a sheet that contains several ComboBoxes embedded directly into the sheet. I have them set up so that when I GotFocus the ComboBox dropdown opens (.DropDown method). However, what I would like to do is clear the ComboBoxes and close the ComboBox drop downs when I click on a button...
  15. M

    Populate textbox dependent on combobox value

    Hi There, I have no idea where to start with this so would love some help. I have four comboboxes with twelve colours on the list (each has an identical list). Say the colour "Red" is selected in the combobox i want the textbox to populate with information which corresponds to the Value "Red"...
  16. L

    ComboBox drop down list from Table not manually typed

    One of my user forms has a list of networks that currently I have hard coded for the drop down list using .AddItem, is there a way to point to a table containing the list to populate the combobox? current code: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() ' Create dropdown list for Network With...
  17. S

    COMBO BOX list changes depending on another combo box

    Hi All Before i get to involved with mu approach. Is this even possible. In a userform i have a combo box linked to a named range in a sheet. 8 options. I then want another combo box that displays a variable named range dependent on the previous combobox for instance combo box 1 has the 8...
  18. J

    How to add certain sheets to combobox drop down list and navigate to them?

    hi, reposting and rewording my question to reflect the time zone I am in. I spent about 23 hours trying to figure this out with a sleepless night but to no avail. I have a UserForm and one combobox on it, I need to add only some of the worksheets to the drop down list and be able to switch...
  19. J

    How to link specific worksheet to my combobox?

    Hello forum, can someone please help with this problem? Objective: To be able to have specific worksheets in the combobox drop down and navigate to desired worksheet by selecting it. Problem: The script I found online links all of my worksheets to the combobox. I cannot figure out how to...
  20. S

    Excel Combo box's one loads the other

    I am using 4 comboxbox's in my excel vba form "Purchase Entry". I would like the form combobox's to pull up records from a dynamic range ProductList sheet and also one combobox should load the other with the matching values. I was bit sucessfull in making my first combobox to pickup unique...

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