1. A

    Xlookup Combo Box

    Hi New here and looking for help, I have 2 columns, 1 with Time and 1 with Pressure. I am using a Combo Box to select the Start Time. I then use a Mod formula to get the Time in correct format. I then want to use Xlookup to get the pressure reading at the Time selected but get #N/A error. I...
  2. S

    Hide Blank Cells on form ComboBox

    Hello, everybody. My first post here from a newbie learner on Excel. I have a sheet where I am supposed to filter models of cars from 2 Combobox, one is for the manufacturer, another for the car models. I created a simple form Combobox and the data for that Combobox is coming from cell C in my...
  3. T

    When _Change() dynamically clears and re-adds items to ComboBox, box remains null when selecting item

    I'm working on a search form for an Excel-based application. I'm using ComboBoxes where there will be up to 1000 entries in the list. I would like it to operate such that, when the user types in characters into the ComboBox, the box's list is automatically modified to show only those entries...
  4. N

    Excel VBA UserForm: Populating Combobox 2 based on selected value in Combobox 1

    I have created a userform with two comboboxes, based on combobox 1 I would like to populate combobox two. In combobox 1 there are 6 items to choose from (populated from a range in sheet “Production”, itemA, itemB, ItemC, ItemD, ItemE, ItemF Based on the selected item in Combobox1 I would like...
  5. R

    Combobox - named ranges and criteria - VBA

    Hi, I have a macro button to open a userform mailing list (see image) which includes a combobox and listboxes. I had written code which got enhanced by member 'beyond Excel' below. Credits to him/her. The goal is to save the Sender, CC and Recipient addresses in named ranges on the data sheet...
  6. A

    Use Excel to retrieve and list Available com ports in a combobox

    Hello, I have been using Excel VBA to access a com port and do some functions with. Usually I have to find out what my port is and type the number in a cell, and my code takes it from there. Is there a way to have a combobox that when it is dropped down, to list the available com ports for me...
  7. T

    Search drop-down lists in a column and change their value using an userform -vba

    Hi! I have an user form like this one. These cells have the same drop-down list as the user form combobox. I need to search only the cells with a drop-down list and change their value with the one I set in the user form. I am trying different things but without luck. I would be really...
  8. S

    ActiveX focus issues when Freeze pane is used

    Dear Colleagues, I am facing a weird problem and would like to know if you have faced similar problems 1. I am using Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2202 Build 16.0.14931.20652) 64-bit 2. I have a macro enabled sheet with VBA code. One of the sheet includes input fields via...
  9. M

    Changing a ComboBox reference using a Variable

    Hey there, I am trying to create a code where I can do do the following With command for a ComboBox where it uses a variable to change the ComboBox name. Currently it is: With Sheet1.ComboBox1 .AddItem Sheet1.Range("B" & i).Value End With But I would like it to be...
  10. E

    Userform Combobox - Put data in cells according to selection

    I have an userform with two Comboboxes and a textbox. Combobox1 has a string of time slots. The selection of combobox1 should define in which row the data from textbox1 is put. Combobox2 is populated by the same text as columns B to I, the selection should define in which column the data from...
  11. E

    move row to sheet based on UserForm ComboBox value

    Hi guys, I am looking for VBA code to look in column A for a certain = ComboBox value and when finds to check row number, move it from sheet1 to sheet2
  12. B

    Inventory based on a command button click.

    Hello, I am a noob to VBA, but I am finding it very interesting. I've watched a bunch of tutorials, but still cant come to a solution to my problem. I have a stock take/Inventory list I am in the process of making. Basically I have multiple datasheets for instance: DatasheetBeers, DatasheetWine...
  13. H

    Trouble configuring 2nd. column of a ComboBox using a variable

    I began Self-Learning VBA toward the end of February this year and I am still trying to figure out the RULES of VBA. The application I am working on relies heavily on pairs of ComboBoxes for selecting Annual Worksheets for multiple Property Locations, each having one or more Annual Worksheets...
  14. A

    Data Entry form with drop down menu

    I have a data entry form that works perfectly well, but I want to streamline the formatting and limit the data that can be entered with drop down menus. I've looked online but can't find something for a data entry form, and only a user form with a combo box. Is this the only way to have drop...
  15. M

    ActiveX Switching From One Sub to Another

    Hi I'm trying to use vba to filter different lists on the same spreadsheet - so for example I have a list of departments and the teams within, and the same thing for region and location. I'm using these to create dynamic ranges to populate active x combo boxes - so, select a department then the...
  16. J

    Is it possible to link a TreeView with a ComboBox? VBA

    Hi, I have a userform in which I have a TreeView and a ComboBox: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() With TreeView1.Nodes .Add , , "A", "Item1" .Add "A", tvwChild, , "SubItem1" .Add , , "B", "Item2" .Add "B", tvwChild, , "SubItem2" End With With ComboBox1 .AddItem "Case1" .AddItem...
  17. T

    Using ComboBox and TextBox in a UserForm as the Range VBA

    I am trying to have the ComboBox1 selection determine the row that the value from TextBox3 will be placed, as well as have TextBox2 determine the column that it will go in. The below code achieves the row that it will be placed, however, I can't seem to get the column to work correctly. This...
  18. D

    MouseScroll in UserForm ComboBox/ListBox

    Hi everyone, I found this module which allows scrolling with the mouse wheel ComboBox and ListBox. It works well as long as the workbook is opened on the main display but if you working with multiple displays and have your spreadsheet application opened on a different display the mouse wheel...
  19. A

    Userform Textbox value to select named range based on Userform Combobox value

    This is too specific for me to find any relevant info on the internet, at least from my searches, and I'm wondering if anyone can help out. I've created a userform that is filled in by user. I would then like to use the values entered in the textboxes in this userform to populate a new lastrow...
  20. Akuini

    Macro to create searchable data validation+combobox

    Excel doesn't provide a built-in way to search data validation list. So it could be hard to scroll through the list when the list is long. This searchable data validation+combobox is a way to deal with that problem. It has these behavior: 1. The combobox can appear and hide by certain action e.g...

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