1. M

    ActiveX Switching From One Sub to Another

    Hi I'm trying to use vba to filter different lists on the same spreadsheet - so for example I have a list of departments and the teams within, and the same thing for region and location. I'm using these to create dynamic ranges to populate active x combo boxes - so, select a department then the...
  2. J

    Is it possible to link a TreeView with a ComboBox? VBA

    Hi, I have a userform in which I have a TreeView and a ComboBox: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() With TreeView1.Nodes .Add , , "A", "Item1" .Add "A", tvwChild, , "SubItem1" .Add , , "B", "Item2" .Add "B", tvwChild, , "SubItem2" End With With ComboBox1 .AddItem "Case1" .AddItem...
  3. T

    Using ComboBox and TextBox in a UserForm as the Range VBA

    I am trying to have the ComboBox1 selection determine the row that the value from TextBox3 will be placed, as well as have TextBox2 determine the column that it will go in. The below code achieves the row that it will be placed, however, I can't seem to get the column to work correctly. This...
  4. D

    MouseScroll in UserForm ComboBox/ListBox

    Hi everyone, I found this module which allows scrolling with the mouse wheel ComboBox and ListBox. It works well as long as the workbook is opened on the main display but if you working with multiple displays and have your spreadsheet application opened on a different display the mouse wheel...
  5. A

    Userform Textbox value to select named range based on Userform Combobox value

    This is too specific for me to find any relevant info on the internet, at least from my searches, and I'm wondering if anyone can help out. I've created a userform that is filled in by user. I would then like to use the values entered in the textboxes in this userform to populate a new lastrow...
  6. Akuini

    Macro to create searchable data validation+combobox

    Excel doesn't provide a built-in way to search data validation list. So it could be hard to scroll through the list when the list is long. This searchable data validation+combobox is a way to deal with that problem. It has these behavior: 1. The combobox can appear and hide by certain action e.g...
  7. S

    Populating data from another sheet from list then clearing after viewing

    Hello, So I have an interesting problem, I am making a maintenance list for many machines and tools. I would like the first sheet of my workbook to be the only visible sheet in the workbook and everything else to be hidden. I have already made it so I have another sheet that is a so called...
  8. B

    Populate ActiveX Combobox with named range

    Hi there. I am for hours searching an solution but nothing till now. Or it is impossible or I just wasn't able to reproduce what I've sen on my workbook. So, here it goes: I've set a named range com a list of banks (on sheet3!) and I want to maintain that way because there is the possibility...
  9. C

    Disable TextBoxes and "gray it out" Based on ComboBox Choice

    I have two textboxes (TextBox1, TextBox2) that need to be disabled based on combobox1. I need the textbox to be "gray out" to show they are disabled ?How can i do it ? Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() If ComboBox1.Value = "Section" Then TextBox1.Enabled = True TextBox2.Enabled = False End If End...
  10. S

    VBA Combobox broke

    Hi, So after working for couple of weeks my macro suddenly stopped working and keeps giving me a compile error. I also cannot create any new activex items anymore in my excel files. I heard there were an update on VBA? But I dont believe that would cause an issue like this? Is there also...
  11. A

    Userform - ComboBox with DropDown List Not Showing when Macro is Run

    Morning, I'm brand new to this forum, and pretty new to Excel/VBA, so please be patient as I learn the lingo. My issue - I have created a userform that has a ComboBox with a pre-defined list, not to be changed. The macro runs without issue and will populate the specified row with the user...
  12. V

    How to show two columns in a combobox from two columns in a table?

    I have set the Column Count to 2 in the properties window of the combobox, but when the code is the following ComboBox1.List = Sheet2.Range("EmployeeTable[Name]").value it only shows one column. I have tried doing this ComboBox1.List =...
  13. K

    Populating Combobox from multiple conditional ranges on multiple sheets

    Hi All, I have a combobox on a userform that i need to add values from a fixed range (With criteria), but i need it to do this across 4 sheets The Sheets are "WRS P1", "WRS P2", "WRS P3" and "WRS P4" Column A has a range of Dates (A8:A32) (This range has a formula in all cells within range...
  14. C

    Generate two lines in listbox when select a specific item of combobox.

    Hi, i want to generate a mutiple line listbox at first i have 3 optionbutton selection that as i select one it gave me some diferent values at the first combo box selection. as example: optionbox(NORMAL) --> combobox(ppm) --> Textbox(1,5) optionbox(x) --> combobox(ppm) --> Textbox(1,2)...
  15. A

    Combobox/listbox List property doesn't work with 1 item

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a running search bar in my userform. Below is my code. SupplierInfo is the search list. wsSearch is a worksheet where the filtered list will be pasted to. Everything work until the result list only has 1 item. Then it would give an error message as in the attached...
  16. V

    How to not allow an entry of '0' in a ComboBox

    I have a combobox in a user form for quantities to be entered. The quantities can only be numbers through the use of the following keypress macro: Private Sub CaseQty_KeyPress(ByVal KeyAscii As MSForms.ReturnInteger) If (KeyAscii > 47 And KeyAscii < 58) Then KeyAscii = KeyAscii...
  17. A

    Check if combobox has assigned value

    Hello, I am using the value selected in a combobox as a sort of filter, as in If Range("A1")=ActiveSheet.OLEObjects("ComboBox1").Object.Value Then Range("B1") = Range("A1").value/ ActiveSheet.OLEObjects("ComboBox1").Object.Value However if ActiveSheet.OLEObjects("ComboBox1").Object.Value is...
  18. N

    UserForm showing list of all sheets, ability to delete sheets

    Hello, I am hoping to find a way to create a userform, that lists all sheets within a workbook, and somehow gives the user the opportunity to select which sheets they would like to delete from that list. Is this possible?
  19. L

    combobox return numerical value for further calculations with other userform functions

    Hi, I am fairly new to VBA and I need to quickly construct a simple userform for work. To put it simply, I have a list of items each with corresponding price (2 groups, one group is a subset of the other group of major items), I would like to construct a userform where the user can use a...
  20. P

    VBA Worksheet Combobox Font color setting

    I have the following code which programmatically adds a combobox to a worksheet. Set Cell = WSD.Range("J2") WSD.OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="Forms.ComboBox.1", link:=False, _ DisplayAsIcon:=False, Left:=Cell.Left - 5, Top:=Cell.Top + 3, Width:=Cell.Width + 125...
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