1. N

    Setting a userform combo value from a worksheet cell value

    Hi my first post so sorry, I have a userform with a few combo boxes on it three of them I can update the values but one will not update. Its the only one that triggers some code but I am happy to run the code after. Me.TextBox1.Value = Range("E14").Value ' works fine'...
  2. I

    Update code for userform source

    Hi, I have a userform which has Comboboxes for which i select an item from the drop down list. Once all the boxes are complete i then click my transfer button to entere it on my worksheet. This is the code on my transfer button. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim i As Integer Dim...
  3. S

    Populate rest of Userform based on two ComoboBox Values

    Hey all, I am trying to quickly get order data from a single sheet of over 3000 entries using a UserForm to make it as simple as possible for staff. So far i've made a userform that i want to use containing a number of text boxes: "Cust ID", "Order #", "Item", "Part No", "Date Ordered"...
  4. D

    Close all ComboBox dropdowns when I click a button.

    Hi, I have a sheet that contains several ComboBoxes embedded directly into the sheet. I have them set up so that when I GotFocus the ComboBox dropdown opens (.DropDown method). However, what I would like to do is clear the ComboBoxes and close the ComboBox drop downs when I click on a button...
  5. Sabotage

    Userform combobox to stop if duplicate (cobobox text)

    Hello Wizards, I thank you for any future help in advance. I have a userform with multiple comboboxes and some of them are used for the same purpose. By that I mean these comboboxes use the same dynamical named range as rowsource. I want to stop the user from duplicating a combobox twice, so...
  6. T

    VBA - Userform - ComboBox changing contents to number

    Hi, I have a userform with multiple comboboxes on, but i'm having trouble with one in particular. When clicking the drop down, it lists the two items from the named range. But when i select an item, the userform will then show either 0 or 1 (rather than the words "Single" or "Multiple" from...
  7. MFish

    Combobox duplicate validation

    Hi there, I have two comboboxes that will NEED to go into two separate columns. I need the code to run if the two comboboxes have both been picked exactly the same on the sheet before moving forward... I tried writing this code and it doesn't work with concatenating. Range("B7:C7").Select...
  8. MFish

    Limit users to combobox list

    I have the property set to, "Match Required" for my comboboxes. I have a clear button that resets all of the values of my comboboxes to nothing, "". It keeps saying the selection is invalid after the clear button is pressed. I'll then fill out the form with the correct information and I'll...
  9. MFish

    Comboboxes on top of images within a userform

    Are you able to place comboboxes over an image? I have an image resembling a trailer and I want comboboxes to be on top of it looking like the selection within the combobox is a certain pallet in that location of the trailer. Possible? I've tried dragging the comboboxes onto the picture and...
  10. M

    Random selection of comboboxes

    Hi there, I have a userform with two option buttons and four comboboxes. If Optminor = True then combox 1, 2 and 4 is visible. If Optmajor=true then Combobox 3 & 4 are visible. Combobox 1 & 2 have constant list values but combobox 4 varies dependent on the value of combobox 1 & 2. Combobox 3...
  11. B

    Multiple dependant comboboxes with repeating list

    Hi, I presently have a coding that works but it is extremely long and I would like to know if there is an easier way (I am presuming yes) Present set up ComboBox1(ListProv1) -select a Province / ComboBox2(ListCity1) -select a City the list of cities will depend on the selection in Combobox1...
  12. R

    Gather ALL Combobox Selections into a Column

    Hey All, I am COMPLETELY NEW to VBA and an attempting the "learn as I go" method. I am a chef, and am attempting to create production sheets based on menu selections. I am creating a userform (UFProductionSheet) to make the selections and enter other needed details. All menu selections are...
  13. W

    Using comboboxes to filter a listbox

    I have an userform with 6 comboboxes, named combobox1, combobox2, combobox3, combobox4, combobox5, combobox6 and a listbox named listbox1. I have a textbox named textbox1 and a button named commandbutton1. I want to filter the listbox with criteria in the comboboxes such as "> 200" or "<...
  14. M

    Multiple Comboboxes

    Hi, I Have three comboboxes called "År", "Månad" And "Dag". I want "Dag" depend on the values from the other two comboboxes. The first code works for "Dag" depending on "År", then I added an And statement to include "Månad" but after that it doesnt work. Anyone knows what the error is...
  15. D

    Userform combobox rowsource of 2 comboboxes

    Hi all, have 2 comboboxes in userform and want in third a list which is depending on first 2 selections. i have a cell d4 with index match formula. is there a way to tell combobox3 to use d4 as list indirect (as you normally would with data validation list) or is there any other better way thanks
  16. N

    VBA: How to fill two comboboxes without duplicate items

    Hi, I have two comboboxes and want to fill with details from column f and column K from my database without duplicate items. The database will be updated daily. Basically this is what I've done but the comboboxes have no output when I run the program. Can somebody help me? Private Sub...
  17. R

    Populate combobox with different dynamic tables

    I have a workbook with a lot of data. The data is in about 100 different, 1 collumn tables with unique names. Then i have different userforms with comboboxes in it. I want to populate the comboboxes with the data from the different tables, but without referring to sheetnames. In this way I...
  18. R

    How do i populate combobox with only part of table

    I want to populate combobox with the first 3 collums from table1 and the whole table from table2. But I also want my workbook to be dynamic, so I can move the tables around and not affect the userforms comboboxes. So far I have populatet the comboboxes with this code: With combobox1...
  19. A

    Copy and Paste by 3 ComboBoxes

    Good Day, My worksheet has datas all the way down with 9 columns. (a:i) Cloumn A= Year Cloumn B= Area Cloumn C= Date I've placed 3 comboboxes with related those columns given above. Is it possible to copy and paste the datas from one sheet to another sheet for those comboboxes related datas...
  20. W

    Increment ActiveX ComboBox from firstvalue to lastvalue

    I have two activex comboboxes, combobox1 and combobox2, that I want to increment with VBA from firstvalue to lastvalue. How can I change the value of the combobox so that I can see when it changes value from firstvalue to secondvalue to thirdvalue etc.. ?? So far I have found that they are...

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