comma delimited

  1. airforceone

    counting comma delimited in a range

    In a single structured value I managed to count using below code Dim LastRow as long, eWan as integer LastRow = 136 eWan = 3 Lr0W = 10 iLOOP = 2 Do While eWan <= Lr0W Cells(eWan, iLOOP).Formula = "=SUM(COUNTIFS('DREC'!$A$2:$A" & LastRow & ",$A3,'DREC'!$B$2:$B" &...
  2. N

    Pivot Table Comma Delimited Values

    Hi All, I have a table with tags separated with commas for each row like below: Date Item No Tag 1/3/2022 1 Tag1, Tag2, Tag3 1/5/2022 2 Tag2, Tag4 1/8/2022 3 Tag5 1/3/2022 4 Tag1, Tag2, Tag5 1/6/2022 5 Tag7, Tag11 1/3/2022 6 Tag1, Tag11 1/5/2022 7 Tag2, Tag8 1/4/2022 8 Tag1...
  3. L

    Removing Commas in between quotation mark and numbers Excel Macro

    In my excel sheet, I have data like "","2,878","-51","58","202.89","3,935.80","40.65","50","3,910.95","3,927.95","50","14,250.00","5,050","0.40","0.45","7,400","0.10","0.40","106.60","2,665","-28","8,595","" I want to delete the comma within the number, for example in the above example the...
  4. S

    Excel Comma Delimited

    Hi Guys, I am trying to import a .txt file that will have comma as a delimiter. However one of the fields has a comma (that is not a delimiter) in it. For example 'Cleo will sing, and play the banjo.' I have code that imports it but then it puts the 'and play the banjo' into the next field...
  5. S

    Separate out comma delimited text string via formula

    I have a text string that I need to separate out via formula. I know how to do it via the built in Delimiter, but I have to do this via formula. VBA is an option too .... The sub-strings are delimited by a comma and a space, e.g. ", " The individual sub-strings can range from 2 characters to 3...
  6. trishcollins

    vlookup on table column with cells containing multiple entries separated by commas

    I have a table that has a list of requirements from various documents. The table is called "Combined_Req". Each requirement is assigned a unique identifier "ID", that is in the form of "CR-1", "CR-2", etc." I have another table called "Req_by_Category" where I have consolidated like...
  7. I

    Add Comma in last text

    Hello, I'm wanting help with add comma in last text <tbody> Column A (Original Format) Column B (Need Add Comma at last text as below) <tbody> ECJ1VB1H562K,F1H1H562A013,F1H1H562A748,F1H1H562A219 F1H1H562A842,F1H1H562B047 </tbody> <tbody>...
  8. A

    What is the Basic Formula to Split Cells Using "Text to Columns" Option?

    Need to figure out the formula to split cells using "Text to Columns", using the "Delimited" option for Original Data Type,the "Comma" option for Delimiters, and the "General" option for Column Data Format. Or find faster way to accomplish task without clicking through it. Thanks! :):):)
  9. L

    Extract list of names into individual cells (cannot use 'text to column')

    I have a row of data from B3:B11. Each cell contains a list of names seperated by a comma. To make things more complicated though, the names are grouped by department. For example, the text in B3 looks like this: <tbody> All: John Smith, John Smith, John Smith LOB: John Smith, John Smith...
  10. L

    VBA Issue / Exporting Excel File to CSV Causing Double Quote Issues

    Hi All, My colleague and I have created some VBA code to transform a standard report into semi-colon-delimited data, all within column A, which is then imported into our financial systems (SAP). SAP only handles numerical values in European format, therefore, as part of the transformation, we...
  11. T

    Return nth term from comma delimited cell base on value of adjacent comma delimited cell.

    Hoping someone can help me with a function. I want to return the number in the left column that corresponds to “99292” in the middle column. I know I can use the “find” function to find the position of 99292 in the middle column, but that doesn’t correspond to anything meaningful in the left...
  12. G

    CommaDelimit by Join(Application.Transpose visible range

    I currently comma delimit using this and put it to the clipboard using MSForms.DataObject Dim ConvertComma ConvertComma = Join(Application.Transpose(Selection.Value), ", ") Dim clipboard As MSForms.DataObject Set clipboard = New MSForms.DataObject clipboard.SetText...
  13. M

    Generate a Cell Count Table

    Hello There, I have a big excel sheet with data in many cells across rows and columns: X Y Z X X Z T V V Z V V What i wanted to do is generate a list of cells with count as V 4 Z 3 X 3 T 1 Y 1 Can someone point me in the right direction, thanks.
  14. H

    Using SUMIF for multiple values separated by comma??

    I will have column information that will list entries like this: DD, DD9, SD, LHR, HIGHLIFT BOTTOM SECTION, DD, D9 DD, PVC DD, SD, LHR, HIGHLIFT Is there a way to run a SUMIF or other formula on these and separate the values from the commas? I am familiar with Text to Columns but I will be...
  15. J

    How to Search Comma-Separated Content in a Cell against a List

    Hello, everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and to try to help. I have one column of comma delimited names (ie, "Bill, Sue, Carla-S, Dave") that I would like to search against another pair of columns -- one that has a single name per cell, and its neighboring column with an...
  16. N

    Select from Dropdown List and Concatenate Chosen Values Separated by Comma

    Hi all, I have created a table of names on Sheet 1 called 'List'. On Sheet 2, I have created columns 'Task' and 'List'. I would like to choose multiple names in the list column drop-down and have them concatenated separated by commas in the same cell or an adjacent cell. Is this possible? How...
  17. S

    Count Unique Items Per Day from Comma Delimited Cells

    <tbody> Date Reason 1/25/2015 red 1/25/2015 blue, red 1/26/2015 green, blue 1/26/2015 blue 1/26/2015 red 1/27/2015 green, red 1/27/2015 red, green </tbody> Hello, I have a table with comma delimited data in the cells. I need to count the number of unique items in...
  18. F

    sumif formula using multiple criteria separated by a comma(s) in one cell

    To All, I have an excel spreadsheet with a project column and columns for each month of the year. On a different tab on the same spreadsheet, tab name = JIRA. For example: Main Tab: Project(Column L) Jan hours Feb hours P1 P2 JIRA tab Project (col B) Jan hours (Col J) FEB hours (Col...
  19. K

    Need help to Transpose column into unique rows with comma delimited values

    Hi, I am trying to execute a script I copied from this site to transpose a column of values into unique rows. There was a very similar thread to my question, but the code does not work for my situation as I am a newbie to VBA. The referenced thread was...
  20. G

    Count cell if it contains a date within a range

    I would be very appreciative of anyone's help on this. Here is what I am trying to do: I have a column for reporting meeting dates for each entity. So a cell may contain numerous dates. For example: <tbody> Entity Meeting Date Entity#1 5/1/13, 4/10/13, 11/10/12, 9/14/13 Entity#2...

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