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    I need to know if my request is possible or look for another way - User Form

    Is it possible have a command button that adds more boxes with the code below the existing ones? The user form has 3 rows, but it needs to have the ability to add more, since the project can have 40 jobs. User Form to create a budget., It contains the following boxes like on a row, one next...
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    Need MACRO to move two cells in another sheet via command box

    Hi I need a macro code via the command box to move Sheet 1 H30 and I30 to Sheet 2 B57 and F57, RESPECTIVELY. Please see attached and thanks for your help!
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    Command Box Help!

    Hi everyone, I have created a command box to send an email: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() ActiveWorkbook.SendMail "" End Sub The command button works, but I get a message saying the following "A program is trying to automatically send e-mail on your behalf. Do you want...
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    Dependant Command Box

    Hello all, Simple example: I have two command boxes on a userform I have populated those command boxes with the value: "apples" and "oranges" The user selects "apples" in the first command box How do i remove the value "apples" from the second command box? Thanks! mhudsora

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