command text

  1. R

    VBA Command text connecting to ms access

    Hi Im trying run the below code that is connected to a ms access database... if i run the code based on any criteria apart from date it seems to work, however every time I use date as a criteria it fails with error 1004 "Application-defined or object-defined error" CommandText = Array( _...
  2. J

    VBA - Create Data Connection when CommandText is Too Long

    Hi, Usually, I use below VBA to create Data Connection with SQL database to extract data through MS Query. And it works perfectly fine. As defined, SQL_CommandText is a string where you can set your SQL. However, I get a huge SQL that is around 16,000 rows (40,000 characters). This VBA code...
  3. A

    SQL data connection in Excel - update SQL tables using table in Excel

    I created a SQL query that gathers information for users to determine which items in our system need to be inactivated. The user receives an Excel workbook that has a table with a data connection to the SQL Server database that pulls in the information they need (via stored proc). I want to...
  4. Crizznitch

    Changing the Command Text of a Connection w/ VBA

    This is something that may be easier now that I have upgraded to Excel 2007 from Excel 2003. What I currently have are several pivot tables that are linked to one SQL table. What I am trying to do is write a macro to change the Command Text (read: query) of the connection, so that I can change...

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