1. J

    Running a Macro based on a Value through a Command Button

    Hi, Here is the problem in a nutshell. I Made several macros that create emails. Basically, I have a drop down list that has the title of each of these emails. I would like there to be a command button adjacent to this drop down list that, when clicked, will run the macro for the...
  2. D

    Add commandbutton on any excel sheets

    Hi all, Does anybody know how to add a commandbutton on any existing excel sheet ? Imagine I have a commandbutton with that code Sub auto_open() F_Onglets.Show End Sub How to see this command button on any excel sheet, already existing and the new ones created ?
  3. A

    Excel Command Button For Swapping 2 Cells

    Hi I have two values in non adjacent cells (C4 and J4) that I wish to swap between them by clicking a single command button, and that can be done any number of times needed. I know how to insert a command button but I really don't know VBA coding. I googled my problem but I can't manage to find...
  4. J

    Multiple Macro scripts with 1 command button

    Greetings, I'm trying to have two VBA statements run with 1 command button in my excel workbook. is that possible? I'm VERY new to VBA and macro's and I do not have a reference book handy at the moment. any tips would be grateful! Sub Enable_events() Application.EnableEvents = True End Sub...
  5. M

    Transfer CommandButtons to another workbook using VBA

    Hello, I'm trying to Copy 4 ActiveX CommandButtons from one Workbook, each named "CommandButton1", 2, 3 and 4"and Paste onto another. I have a code that successfully copies it over but if the Target Workbook already has a CommandButton1-4, the copied Button will continue in sequence and name...
  6. R

    Hide Rows just before file is saved via commandbutton doesn't work

    Ok, I'm getting nuts. I have an Excel file with Checkboxes on sheet 'RBD' I have a checkbox for each title. And each title has several checkboxes for the options |_| ANIMALS ....|_| Cow ....|_| Pig ....|_| Chicken ....|_| Other |_| FLOWERS ....|_| Rose ....|_| Tulip ....|_|...
  7. J

    Using Shape as CommandButton

    Hi everyone I have a sort of "shapes" that I would like to use as a commandbutton or togglebutton. What I would like do is when i click on a certain shape, it recorded in the worksheet and gives its name'shape. How to do it? In an attempt I used the code below without success. I need your help...
  8. N

    Macro Run when OptionButton enabled

    my userform contians OptionButton1 OptionButton2 Command Button macro 1 macro2 i need when OptionButton1 is Enabled and click on commandButton than Macro1 is run Or when OptionBUtton2 is Enabled and click on CommandButton than macro2 is run how it works
  9. R

    Return to Command Button after entering data

    Is there a way to return to a CommanButton after entering data? I am matching a barcode to a column of data, it automatically moves to the next column and enters a time/date stamp then moves to the next column for manually entering a sample weight. After entering the sample weight, I would...
  10. A

    Commandbutton to open second page of userform

    Hey community, Can anyone help me to make commandbutton to open userforms second page? not first page
  11. L

    CommandButton help

    Hi everyone. I'm a complete noob so appreciate any help you all can provide. I'm trying to edit the below code so that when a CommandButton is clicked, it allows me to copy row data from a different tab "QRR Template" and paste/transpose the data on the tab where the button is located. I'd...
  12. T

    Excel table to mail via Commandbutton.

    Hello, im trying to figure out how to make this code better. currently the code only takes one row,since its based on cell position. Dim i As Integer, Mail_Object, Email_Subject, o As Variant Dim TypeS As String TypeS = ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Orderoversikt").ListColumns(1).Range.Column...
  13. R

    Excel 2010 - runtime error 1004

    Hello All,<o:p></o:p> I have a userform setting in my worksheet. I added a few textbox on it. After that I get this error message “Run Timeerror 1004 application-define or object-defined error”. I clicked the debugger and this what came outand it highlighted the error “sht.Range(headerArr(a*...
  14. W

    Macro for Inserting Picture to Cell

    Hey all, I've been looking high and low on this site and others for help with a Macro I am trying to write and looking for some tips. I am looking to do these things: 1. Click CommandButton 2. Pull up the insert picture dialogue 3. Have picture selected inserted to specific cell It seems...
  15. H

    Assign marco to commandbutton to Insert Hyperlink

    I'm new and struggling with this function of hyperlinking. I'm using a userform where I have a commandbutton. I would like the commandbutton (when clicked) to create a hyperlink - basically, take me to the Insert Hyperlink window, where I can edit/assign my own hyperlinks. I've scoured the...
  16. E

    Command Button inside userform not calculating until userform closed

    I have a code that works...but I want it to update while the userform is open and numbers can be changed...hit commandbutton and graphs in excel modified. I don't want to close the GUI everytime for it to update...I want it to by dynamic Here is the code. Sub CommandButton1_Click()...
  17. O

    Custom Toolbar button not running full sub

    Hi All, I have created a Sub which does a few things: 1) Ask for a string 2) Queries a db with said string 3) Creates a new sheet on active workbook with the name of said string 4) Past the recordset in the new sheet If I run the Macro on its own it does everything fine. However i have now...
  18. D

    Textbox Value Equal to Value in Range on separate sheet

    Hi, I am using a textbox along with a combobox and command button. I need it to check for 4 things, 1. If there is nothing in the Textbox 2. If the Textbox value is in a range on a separate sheet 3. If the Textbox value is not in a range on a separate sheet 4. Or it should pull up the sheet...
  19. M

    Enable commandbutton based on time

    Hi Guys, I have a cell on sheet 1 which updates every second with the current time. the format of this cell is hh:mm:ss. I then have a sheet with cells for different premises again with the format hh:mm:ss. I have a command button for each premises on a page. However, i dont want anyone to be...
  20. R

    CommandButton splash screen

    Hi I am trying to have a command button open as a splash screen when I open excel. I am using the 2007 version. I have cleared all old files per issues with active-x from Dec 2014. Problem 1: I would like the commandbutton centered both vertically and horizontal so that it does not matter...

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