1. F

    Text/Value from Cell to Comment in another Cell

    I have a range of information in range AE2:AE300. That i would like to input as comments in Cell T2:T300. Information in AE2 goes to T2, AE3 to T3, AE4 to T4 and so on. Its important that nothing else gets changed or formatted in the "Target Cell", it should just add a comment, where there is...
  2. N

    Notes "crushed" by Autofilter--How to prevent?

    I frequently use autofilter on tables/lists containing cells with attached notes. Excel has this *maddening* behavior of changing the size of the attached note based on how many rows have been filtered out. I have attached (in pictures) a sample small table I created with names and ages. I...
  3. D

    Dynamically change comments, after change to another cell

    Hello, I'm looking for a macro that will dynamically change the comments attached to a range of cells (entering the results from the formula in the cell), triggered by the change in value of another cell. Specifically... I'm looking for a macro that will be triggered by any changes to the...
  4. M

    How to do a vlookup or index match that includes comments

    Hi Everyone, I am currently trying to compile data from several worksheets into one summary worksheet. My data contains many cells with comments, and those comments are extremely important and need to be brought over into my summary sheet. I was able to find a macro that brought over notes...
  5. S

    Colorize cells with comments that have specific word (Conditional format)

    Hi. I used VBA code from this post and it working good, but have one problem... Function CommentText(Cell As Range, Txt As String) As Boolean Dim x As Comment Set x = Cell.Comment If x Is Nothing Then CommentText = False Else CommentText = x.Text Like "*" & Txt &...
  6. A

    Excel comments

    Hello, I have a problem with comment options in excel 2016. My idea is to add an excel file in Sharepoint page (shared with group of people) and to insert and reply a comments. I can only insert and edit a comment, but can`t reply to any of my co-workers comments. Can you please tell me what i...
  7. M

    Comments - Time & Date Stamp

    Hi, If someone can help me find a way to remove or hide the time and date stamp from 'comments' in Excel 365, it will be much appreciated. I am using the comments function to add regular updates to individual items in a workbook and am applying a date against each update in the comments field...
  8. D

    Automate FDF file generation, controlled by Excel VBA

    Folks, In the near future I will be coordinating the marking of 100s of exam scripts, submitted as PDF files from the students. One option being considered is the annotation of the PDF files with comments, which would be a direct extrapolation of ticks on a sheet of paper. I can generate an...
  9. K

    display the comments from referenced cell in cell of different sheet in same workbook

    I have a multi page work book and one of the sheets is for marking the status of personnel I reference their status in another sheet, but I would like not only that info to show but any comments that are attached to the referenced cell. Any ideas?
  10. C


    I am a middle school math teacher. I bought Power Excel (2019 edition) and was instantly overwhelmed. I am sure the book has the information to help me but I don't know what is called to do what I want. We have to post grades with comments 4 times a year. The list of comments we can use are...
  11. J

    Update summary worksheet comment with data from worksheets

    I am working with two workbooks. In the first workbook, I have a worksheet that lists 100 ip addresses. I have another workbook that has 100 tabs. Each tab matches one of the ip addresses that are on the first workbook. Also, each tab in the second workbook has anywhere from 10 to 30 rows of...
  12. S

    Excel Pivot Table "Insert Column"

    Hello, I have the results of a survey in an Excel spreadsheet, like this: <tbody> <tbody> Question </tbody> <tbody> Grade </tbody> <tbody> StrVal </tbody> <tbody> Flowers and Decoration Team </tbody> <tbody> -1 </tbody> <tbody> N/A </tbody> <tbody>...
  13. P

    Column Duplicate and Search

    Hello, I cant figure out how to do a "double search" in a column. Conditional formatting would be better but entering a formula along a row could do. Hopefully I can explain what I am tryin to do. I am trying to find duplicates within a column (F through S), then in the duplicate row see, if...
  14. T

    combine data from one column into one cell based on a criteria

    I have a column that has comments and I would like to combine those comments into one cell which =concat does but how can I add a comma and space between the comments from each line Column 1 = Topic Column 2 = Comment Not every row has a comment though Your help would be greatly appreciated
  15. K

    VBA CommentThreaded 'show'

    Hi, I would like to show a threaded comment (with notes it is straightforward, we put them on 'visible=true') when activating a sheet. Is there a line of code to show those threaded comments ? I noticed there is a "show comments" in review tab but recording macro does not help. Even if I add...
  16. P

    Automated copy without comments and certain rows

    Hello! I have a simple excel file from which I'd like to share just certain rows and no comments with my colleagues in a separate file stored on a common file area. I'm thinking about creating a copy that is automatically updated at least daily in which some of the rows and all of the...
  17. P

    Linking an Excel Snag List to the Comments in a Word File

    Is it possible to link an Excel file to the comments being generated in a Word file? I have a situation at work where we have a Word document that is being used by several different people who are adding comments to it. One of the guys is using an Excel file to create a snag list of issues...
  18. A

    Is there a better way to include comments than "Insert Comment"?

    So I've got a bunch of comments in a spreadsheet and all the comments are of variable length. I try not to change the size of the default box if I can avoid it cause I've noticed if I increase the size or move it, the next time I look at that comment, the box has changed size and I have to...
  19. L

    VBA to use activesheet selection in Transpose

    Hi I am using the built-in function Transpose to convert an array to a string and would like to use the current selection ie change this Comments = Join(Evaluate("TRANSPOSE('Base'!A1:A10 )"), vbNewLine) to Comments = Join(Evaluate("TRANSPOSE(Selection )"), vbNewLine) The latter gives a...
  20. K

    Import from second workbook plus some magic

    Good afternoon Guru's I'm racking my brain with the best way forward on this. I have two spreadsheets (similar examples attached), one holding source data and the second is used for reporting. The source data comes from another source and therefore doesn't contain comments (column G). The...

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