1. A

    Dynamic Pivot Table Lists w iferror/vlookup for comments

    Many days and hours later, I've searched and searched but cannot figure out how to use the iferror or/and vlookup combination to pull ONLY comments (this is from data only worksheet but includes values AND comments) I would use a dynamic pivot table list of names then change list by dates...
  2. GunNam

    Formula for copying comments

    Is there a way to copy/get the "comments" of a cell using an excel formula? i.e. if A1 contains a comment, copy that comment to B1? I am not looking for the VBA way to pull the comments. Thank you!
  3. paipimenta

    Keyboard shortcut to comment block in VBE

    I'm trying to assign a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+C) to comment a block of code in the Visual Basic Editor. How do i go about doing this? I know there is a toolbar with a button for it, but **** the mouse... I want a keyboard shortcut! Thanks in advance...
  4. A

    Manipulate Cell Comments

    Hi, I am new to Visual Basic and would appreciate any help. How do I make cell comments display information from other cells? Thanks, The Apprentice
  5. A

    Comment box disappears or moves

    I've inserted comments in many cells to use as an audit trail on my spreadsheet. Now when I open the spreadsheet, many of the comment boxes have closed up and moved far away from the original cell. All I can see is the call-out box line. Is there a way to reformat all of them to restore...
  6. U


    Is it possible to do a lookup (or index/match, sumproduct, or some derivation) of comments to transfer comments from one worksheet to specific relevant places on another worksheet?
  7. G

    Which is the easiest way to input text?

    Hi. I'm building a simple worksheet which will be used be people with zero expertise on Excel. Fill in cells with basic information should work ok for them: name, address, dates, etc. A column should contain comments and ideally they should be able to type in text as in notepad. I know that I...
  8. N

    Forumlas in comments

    Is there a way (preferably simple, without VBA) to select a range of cells with formulas and create comments for each cell with a copy of the cell's formula in the comment? That would be a neat trick but I don't know if Excel can do it. Using Excel 2007 in Office 2007 Professional...
  9. tbablue

    accessing 'comment' feature using VBA ?

    Can anyone offer some advice on how to possibly display information via 'comments' using VBA? I'm guessing that someone may have done this before.
  10. T

    Attach notes to formulated cells

    Hi, I'll give this a go as colo is unavailable. Is this possible and how would I go about doing it? Sheet1 (Calendar) has formulas in the range B14:M50 that automatically show you this months date along with the next 10 months, Col C is not used as it is a divider. Sheet2 (List) Allows...
  11. E

    Current cell value into comment

    I am wanting to know if it is possible to automatically put the current cell value into an existing comment on that cell. I have an auto populating excel sheet in my workbook that has comments on all the active cells. The existing comment looks as follows: #### Text Text #### Each comment is...
  12. ksucats4me

    Basic view/print question

    Is there an option in excel that will print all of my comments put into cells? I see this as a very powerful option that can strengthen my documentation process. Thanks?
  13. I

    Saving/copying comments to reduce processing time

    Dear all, hello. I have a question that has been troubling me for some time now. I have an Excel worksheet where I am presenting large amounts of data. The first column (column "A") contains some "static" information that get repeated for a few hundred times. (e.g. A1: gen1, A2: gen2, A3...
  14. D

    Adjusting comment placement when scrolling over cell.

    Hi, I am trying to find a way to adjust where a comment is shown when you hover over the cell. I have a size constraint for my spreadsheet and the comments are currently showing up off the edge of my screen when I hover above the far right row. I would love to have the comments appear to the...
  15. J

    Converting Excel to Adobe

    I have a question... I have an Excel workbook that has hundreds of comments on several cells. To upload this document I am required to convert it to PDF. However, when I convert I lose all the comments. Does anyone know how to retain these roll over comments when converting?
  16. S


    sir, how can i add comments using formula or conditional formating.
  17. AtomicHaggis

    Is there a way to freeze panes in Excel and still see comments?

    I am really hoping someone can help me with this one! :mad: I have a basic Excel worksheet with comments attached to a number of the column headers. These comments contain criteria relating to information that will be entered below each heading. Since the sheet is fairly long, I want to freeze...
  18. T

    If date in cell above, put "This Text" in comment

    Hello, I have a sheet that is a schedule. It looks like this... Column A Column B 2/20/2009 12:00 PM 1:00 PM Dave 2:00 PM Jonathan 3:00 PM Steve 2/21/2009 1:00 PM James 2:00 PM Sally 3:00 PM Tyler 4:00 PM 5:00 PM John 6:00 PM...
  19. A


    Hi We have a spreadsheet that is shared across our company. We have a variety of version of Excel, from 2000, 2003, XP and 2007. When one of the users makes a comment in a cell, it will show everytime someone else opens it. My view settings are set to comment indicator only, but still they...
  20. B

    Image Popup Coding

    Hello all, Hopefully someone can help. I have a spreadsheet that I've set up at work to list parts. Each part has three associated files, a CAD Model, a technical drawing, and jpg. The CAD model and technical drawing both require special software to open and not every computer at work has this...

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