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    Help with access query expressions

    I have a column in one of my Access queries called CustomerName_DBAName. Below is an example of what that data typically looks like. CustomerName_DBAName JOHN T. PUBLIC JAKE A. SMITH JR. ABC COMPANY STEVE JONES - DBA: SUPER STORE BIG COMMUNICATIONS, LLC SOME BUSINESS INC. JOE SLOW - DBA...
  2. S

    Formula to get data from a tab that is identified in another cell

    I'm having a difficult time writing a formula to copy the data into one worksheet from another worksheet. My file has 3 worksheets: (1) Data, (2) Communications (3) Supply Chain Data Worksheet: Cell B1: Communications Data Worksheet: Cell B4: This should populate with line 2, cell A2 from the...
  3. P

    index and match with iferror wrapper

    =INDEX('\\c\s\CAF1\FIS PoC Communications Hub\1. Performance\ML\[18-19 JG.xlsx]Case data'!$A$2:$D$800,MATCH($N$17,'\\c\s\CAF1\FIS PoC Communications Hub\1. Performance\ML\[18-19 JG.xlsx]Case data'!$E$2:$E$800,0),1) Hi guys the formula above returns the value I'm looking for but I want to add...
  4. J

    Find Records,

    Hi, i have this huge spreasheet (attached) that i want to search for records and put the results temporary an new sheet but i am not good in vba, can any body help. <tbody> <tbody> CARRIER ACCOUNT NUMBER ACCOUNT NAME BTN WTN AUTH_CODE AUTH.CODE.STATUS BCTEL 000071411 CENTURY 21 MOVING...

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