1. U

    replace the comas in strings that separate substrings to pipes using VBA

    Hello, I have text cells in a column that comes from a checkbox in a survey. the checkbox has an option list that people can select as many of the options as they want Example of option list of checkbox <tbody> Advocacy organizations Business community - Small and Medium-sized Clergy...
  2. A

    Problem with formula

    Hey Dear community, I have problem with following formula This is working formula sum(if((isnumber(match(rn,mrkt,0)))*(sfs>0)*(urun<>"""")*(not(isnumber(match(mstr,by,0)))),printed)) But this one is not working...
  3. A

    Excel sumif is not <>

    Hey community, i wanna know how can i ask excel to sum if list1 is not on list2 Sheets("DATA").Cells(5, "V") = [sum(if((isnumber(match(list1,list3,0)))*(sifaris>0)*(list1<>list2)*,printed))] Can anybody help me please?
  4. MrExcel

    It was twenty years ago today...

    On November 21, 1998 I posted the first answer at A simple little formula of =A2-DAY(A2)+1 got this whole thing started. It is amazing that the community here has posted over 1 million threads in twenty years. We have a great knowledge base about Excel here and I love that I've had...
  5. B

    String Manipulation - Delete Data occuring multiple times in a cell

    <tbody> <tbody> Youth Service - NEET / Youth Payment, Support and Training for Service Providers - Education, Programmes for Young People, Elder abuse,Local Community, Elder abuse </tbody> <tbody> Intellectual Disabilities, Finding work, Community Courses, Work </tbody> <tbody>...
  6. A

    Combining cells

    I need to concatenate some cells, but this is tricky and I'm not sure how to do it. Example of data below: <tbody> Account: ABC Company Sales Director 1 Community 1 Community 2 Community 3 Community 4 <tbody> Account: XYZ Company Sales...
  7. K

    Combine smaller arrays to create 1 single big array of data

    Hello Excel community Regards Kumar
  8. C

    The fastest way to get a range with conditions into an array

    Hello, If I have a Large range and I want to create an array from it but with conditions, I am trying to find the fast way to do this, possibly Advanced filter? (I have tried but no luck) there are probably many ways but the fastest? or pretty darn fast at least My ranges are dynamic but...
  9. M

    Register: ModelOff APAC Meetups 2015 (AUS, IND, HK, SG)

    This May and June, the ModelOff Team is traveling around APAC to hold local networking events - and you are invited to join the celebrations! Six FREE drinks networking events will be held in Melbourne (May 26), Sydney (May 27), Singapore (June 9), Bangalore (June 10), Hong Kong (June 11) and...
  10. T

    SQL Saturday London

    On 22nd Nov 2014 we are hosting a SQL Saturday in London. It is being done under the umbrella of the PASS organisation, SQL Saturday is their free community events, but this is a very different SQL Saturday. We are aiming it Excel Pros who munge/crunch/manage data. There will be the usual nods...
  11. MrExcel visitors by Country

    I was checking out some statistics provided by Google Analytics. The graph at this page shows the top 20 countries for the first six months of the year. Do you have any subjective comments about if this data feels...

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