1. A

    Excel formula IF statement with SUMIF statement HELP

    Hi there, I am trying to write a formula that is a IF statement with 2 different SUMIF criteria based on the true of false result but the false default is overriding the true. my formula that I am using but it does not wotk the way I want it too: =IF(A63=B63,SUMIF('Smarty...
  2. C

    Cell Data Validation using LOOKUP?

    Hi I have a table in Sheet 2, A3:E21. Column A is Company Names, Column E is 'funds available' dollar values In Sheet 1, I need users to enter how much they have spent with each Company. In column D is a drop down list of company names, and column E is where you enter what you've spent. I...
  3. willow1985

    LEFT function of a certain word by a certain amount of characters

    Hello, I am looking for a formula that can find a certain work and return only 10 characters to the left of that word. For example OTHER INFORMATION.... FOR PO# 55222 FROM COMPANY Left of "From Company" I want it to return the PO# 55222 Any help would be appreciated Thank you! :) Carla
  4. J

    Search two columns

    I have two workbooks with a company name column in both, I need to search workbook 1 for matching company name and if it's a match I need the name from the contact column in workbook 1 added to workbook 2. I can do this with INDEX/MATCH, but my problem is I have rows under company name that have...
  5. L

    Divide whole numbers across multiple cells with variable

    Hi all, I need to solve a problem of dividing whole numbers in excel based on these variable: Company AA can only sale to company A and the quantity bought and sold is always the same. In this example 44 000. Company A1 can receive 6000 from AA1 and 9000 from AA2 or 15000 from AA1, etc. That...
  6. H

    Macro to print various PDF's from a folder

    Hi, I've searched the forums a bit and haven't found exactly what i'm looking for, so i'm wondering if anyone here can point me in the right direction. Background:Each quarter, members of my team need to print financial reports for different companies. Each company's files are located in a...
  7. M

    LOOKUP formula

    Hi everyone. I have a lookup formula that must search for waybill numbers based on the company that is selected for invoicing. The company name is located in C13 (on the invoice sheet where the formula is located as well) and the list of waybills is in sheet Data Input in column B. Column D on...
  8. A

    rank.eq with multiple if conditions

    Hi, can anyone provide guidance/examples on rank.eq formula with multiple conditions? I am generating pivot table for Company A filtered by year, and I want to set up a linked table - table 2 (so row values change when my pivot filters change) to display rank.eq for each row value generated in...
  9. D

    Filter Macro where cell contains

    Hi there, I have a sheet with 1500 records I'm trying to match to another sheet that has 700 records. The company name is not an exact match, so VLOOKUP is not an option. I built a tool with a macro for an advanced filter, and one to clear the data. The problem is that my filter is only looking...
  10. Penguinducky

    Extracting City and State from a cell without commas

    Trying to extract the City and State from a cell that has the Name of the Company, City and State in it and I only want to show the location. Problem scenarios I'm having: City and State are mushed together (example: MissssaugaOntario) Company name and city have a / or - between them (example...
  11. G

    Sum Unique Value based on different Time criterias

    Hi everyone, I have an excel problem that I am stuck on, appreciate any help! Goal: To identify the total sum of each company in a specific stage based on a Date criteria. For example: <colgroup><col span="4"></colgroup><tbody> Client Action Date Stage Amount Company A 1/1/2019 1 $100...
  12. subrosumon

    Date , time formula

    Hi Experts, Sorry for wastage you valuable time for my critical issues! as a HR staff, i need to calculate actual staying time if he intermittent input in my organization for example <tbody> Name of Organization Period ABC Company from 3 October 2010 to 25 January 2014 XYZ...
  13. D

    Grabbing HTML data from hyperlinks in excel

    Hi all, I have a document with a column of 400 hyperlinks for different companies. Each link is to a website with a description of each company. The link leads to the same sight and while the description changes for each company the format and location of the description does not change from...
  14. S

    Combine Dropdownlist with a search funktion

    Hello guys, I've created a dropdownlist with company names. With each selection, I got a different calculation for key figures like sales, turnover ratio, Roi and so on. But now, each company got a unique company code (5 digit number). So my question, Is it possible to create a search box...
  15. S

    different calculation based on dropdown list

    Hello guys, I have got a questions regarding different calculations based on the selection of the drop-down list. In other words, how can I have different calculations based on what variable I select in the drop-down-list? For example, let's say I've got 5 companies and I created a drop-down...
  16. S

    Counting average number of unique outputs

    Hi all, Trying to figure out how to do this, even a long winded way if anyone has any ideas. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Company Spend Category ABC Gas ABC Electricity DEF Water ABC Electricity </tbody> I have something like the table above and the end goal is to calculate...
  17. J

    Excel Automatically Changing General to Date

    This doesn't happen for every file but for one in particular...a cell has a general format. I close the file and reopen it. The cell now is changed to date. For example, I have a column that has customer number. The cell has 127487, formatted as general. When I reopen the file (doesn't...
  18. B

    Copy from one source file into multiple excel files - All live in one location

    Hello , I have an excel file which is the source document and I have other excel files which are destination files all in one location. - I want VBA to open the source excel and Format the Date in Column C of the source to MM YYYY. - Check if column A has the word 'SIGNAPAY' , - If true then...
  19. S

    Create automated paragraph based on criteria.

    I do a lot of financial writing with different numbers every quarter and change language based on the date. Is there an easy way to create a form that automatically writes the paragraph summary? For example: Forthe three months ended March 31, 2019, "Company name" generated revenue of "$XXX"...
  20. C

    Count Unique Values with Multiple Criteria in a Filtered List

    I have a table that tracks positions across multiple companies and years. I want to count the number of unique positions. The difficulty is that the same position title can be with infinite companies (ie. "Associate" is a position at Company A and Company B, etc) There are also multiple...

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